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Dining tables take center stage in almost all the households due to its size and utility. These pandemic days the utility has grown many fold as it is often used as workstation, office desk, school desk etc. At Blucap Interiors, we custom make all our products so that it fits perfectly well with the interiors of our customers. We give you the power to choose the material, design and finish. We will help you make the best choices. Here are some of our Dining Table products. 

Bellissimo (Prices Starting from Rs.28,000)
Rectangular is the most popular and most functional shape as it utilises the maximum space available. Bellissimo dining tables are ideal for large spaces and big families as they accommodate more people on them.

rectangular dining table

Piazza (Prices Starting from Rs.38,000)
The square is the simple form with four legs which are at equal distance. This shape is perfect fit for compact spaces and four diners. Piazza dining tables are elegant and a perfect fit for small spaces.
square dining table

Ilgiro (Prices Starting from Rs.45,000)
Round tables again are for compact spaces. These give a more aesthetic look and feel to the space. Ilgiro dining tables give an old world charm to any space.  round dining table

Ovale (Prices Starting from Rs.45,000)
Oval designed dinging tables are more in demand as they give the sensuous curvy feel of the round tables while giving the freedom that the additional space brings in to accommodate more diners. Ovale dining tables give home a very contemporary feel.
  oval dining table

Liberta (Prices Starting from Rs.33,000)
You must be wondering what can we mean by ‘freedom’ as a shape. In fact it is not a shape. As the name suggests, this category comprises any table that doesn’t fit in within the standard shapes mentioned above. All creative designed dining tables especially the modern space saving ones, fall in this category.  freedom dining table

Legna (Prices Starting from Rs.38,000)
Wood is the most popular material for dining table especially in India. You can go for engineered wood such as MDF, Particle board or Plywood or go for hardwood for the construction of the dining table. While engineered wood will give a better looking dinging table, it will be hardwood that will be sturdier and long lasting. Legna dining tables give a very contemporary look to any space where it is added.
wood top dining table

Vetro (Prices Starting from Rs.32,000)

Glass table tops coupled with steel or wooden legs and frame can be very modern in appearance. They bring in an airiness into the dining room creating a larger feel of the space with a clean and modern surface. Vetro dining tables give a feel of freshness to modern spaces.  glass top dining table

Laminato (Prices Starting from Rs.35,000)
Laminate table tops are those laminated on to plywood or engineered wood tops. Laminates give better protection from wear and tear to the table top. Laminato dining tables are very functional in their nature and work cost effective.
laminate top dining table

Forte (Prices Starting from Rs.38,000)
Metal table tops give a very posh and modern feel to the dining table. The material is stain resistant, tough and gives a very premium feel. It works out well with industrial spaces or contemporary interiors. Forte dining tables give a very industrial and rustic feel to your spaces.  metal top dining table

Pietra (Prices Starting from Rs.42,000)
A number of traditional as well as contemporary dining tables go for stone tops. They are versatile and elegant and brings a feel of sophistication to the room. Marble, Quartz and Granite are mostly used for these tops. They are heavy and textural with a rich tone creating an ambience of plush feel in the room. Pietra dining tables are classy and elegant with an old world charm.
marble top dining table

Tradizi (Prices Starting from Rs.48,000)
The most common style you will find even today will be the traditional style though the contemporary style is catching up in urban areas. If you are someone who loves elegantly carved designs with detailed textures and great proportions, traditional style gives a powerful and timeless statement and adds to the luxury of your home. Tradizi dining tables create the warmth, elegance and style of a bygone era.
traditional dining table

Moderna (Prices Starting from Rs.42,000)
Modern style focuses on a mix of utility and aesthetics with clean straight lines and sharp angles. They are minimalistic in nature and light in any room. Moderna dining tables are for modern interiors. elegant, clean and simple looking, they create an aura of opulance.  modern dining table

Rustico (Prices Starting from Rs.45,000)
Rustic has become a rage in modern homes in India. Rustic finish largely depends on natural unpainted wood and are generally hand carved. This gives a very close to nature feel. Rustico dining tables bring nature inside your home. It is for those who love an element of nature inside their dining room rustic dining table

Industriale (Prices Starting from Rs.35,000)

Industrial style is meant for a rugged look. Mostly a mix of hard wood and metal is used for the design of these tables. Industriale dining tables are sturdy and creates a feel of strength and power in places where they are kept.

  industrial dining table

Shaker (Prices Starting from Rs.37,000)
Shaker furnitures epitomise simplicity and utility. You wouldn’t find any unwanted embellishment for design sake in them. These are simple and straight forward designs fit for most homes.
shaker dining table

Coevo (Prices Starting from Rs.75,000)
Contemporary dining tables come with an up to date appearance. They come in every type of material as well as in every shape. Coevo dining tables are a mix of functionality and design. They bring a feel of elegance and modern luxury.
contemporary dining table


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