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Customised Beds from Blucap Interiors

At Blucap Interiors, we always strive to give the best products to our customers. We also love to give them the best knowledge possible on our products so that they can make an informed decision. Here is a list of Beds that we have in our product list. We always custom make our products so that our customers get to choose the material, color and finish of each of our products. It helps you make sure that each of these products fit in pefectly well with your interiors. 


Platform Bed (Prices starting from Rs.38,000 onwards)
Platform beds have a base built with wooden slats to provide perfect support to the mattress without the bulky box spring. These beds are elegant with an aura of simplicity in its design. This goes very well with any modern interior design. The panels of wooden slats provide excellent support to the mattress. It also provides the much needed breathability and ventilation to avoid unpleasant odours. Due to this nature, the mattress remains in good shape for a much longer period for usage.  platform bed

Panel Bed (Prices starting from Rs.45,000 onwards)

Panel beds have the headboard and footboard made from flat wooden panels. These panels are framed with moldings and grooves to create a traditional look and feel. These beds give a very old world charm and touch of class and sophistication to the interiors. The finishes can be wood polished or painted based on the interior design requirement.  panel bed

Sleigh Bed (Prices starting from Rs.48,000 onwards)

Sleigh beds are a classy and elegant piece of furniture with scrolled headboard and footboards made of solid wood. These date back to the 19th century from the French and American Empire period. These beds today are made from iron, still and aluminium too. However solid wood remains supreme for Sleigh Beds.  sleigh bed

Murphy Bed (Prices starting from Rs.42,000 onwards)

Murphy beds have become the craze of the millennials as these are space savers. they fold into walls to create space while not in usage. These are vertically stored. Murphy beds can also accommodate night stands, shelves and storage units in its design. These beds add a lot of value to small apartments especially in the cities. murphy bed

Trundle Bed (Prices starting from Rs.42,000 onwards)

When you think of children’s bedroom, Trundle beds come as one of the best options that can be a huge space saver. They are two beds in one! Practically it acts same as a bunker bed minus the bulkiness. The bottom bed comfortably tucks into the bed frame and in one look, you wouldn’t even notice that there is an additional bed. When required, it is easy to pull it out with the mattress in it and you have two beds! It works ideally for children’s room. trundle bed

Poster Bed (Prices starting from Rs.50,000 onwards)

If you like to a bit of extravagance in your bedroom, Poster bed is your choice! These beds have four vertical columns in each of the four corners. These can be design oriented with exquisite carvings on them to create a royal feel. These beds are mostly done in solid wood.  poster bed

Canopy bed (Prices starting from Rs.56,000 onwards)

Canopy beds are poster beds for the most part of it. They have four wooden poles with similar antique look and feel. However, what adds to the luxury is the decorative fabric placed over the upper panel. It covers the bed from all sides giving you that extra royal feel and coziness. For the canopy, different types of fabric can be used like net, chiffon and silk. Canopy beds are used in large, palatial homes where there is ample space in the bedrooms. These may not be an ideal fit in small apartments where space is highly in demand.  canopy bed

Contemporary Canopy (Prices starting from Rs.40,000 onwards)

Contemporary Canopy bed is the same as canopy bed in its features. However these are a more stripped down minimalistic version of the same. You wouldn’t find the heavy decorative pieces in this furniture. The poles are minimalistic and plain. Heavy carvings and other decorative elements are avoided. These are simple and elegant canopy beds which will go along with your modern design senses.  contemporary canopy

Storage bed (Prices starting from Rs.50,000 onwards)

Storage beds are mostly in demand in the cities where storage space is a challenge in apartment homes. These beds utilise the bottom space maximum with drawers or hydraulic mechanisms to access the bottom storage. You can keep your pillows, blankets and linens comfortably in this space giving you a lot more freedom of movement in the room. These are not just functional beds. They are quiet sturdy for a good night’s sleep too. Saving precious space for storage, these beds are highly in demand these days especially in smaller homes.  storage bed

Santiago Bed (Prices starting from Rs.52,000 onwards)

Santiago bed is similar to a panel bed. However this is way more decorative bringing in the old world charm with crown shaped headboard. Stunning tall headboard, geometric patterns and other unique carvings are a speciality of Santiago bed santiago bed

Day Bed (Prices starting from Rs.35,000 onwards)

Day bed is more than just another bed. It is about multipurpose. They resemble sofa beds or Divan beds in looks. You can sleep. lounge, recline or just sit on them. It’s a cross between a couch, chaise lounge and a bed. All three rolled into one, this makes an ideal choice for a living room furniture if you are expecting friends or family to visit you frequently or just want a furniture that does multiple functions all rolled in one!  day bed

Bunk Bed (Prices starting from Rs.38,000 onwards)

Bunk Beds or Bunker Beds, are primarily for children. Most of the children adore them. It’s their private space. This is an excellent piece of space saving furniture to accommodate two beds comfortably. They consist of two layers of frames, one on top of the other connected by a ladder to climb up. These are commonly used in hostels, summer camps, prison sells and army garrisons. They come in various sizes and designs to choose from. These add great value to rooms with space constraint.  bunk bed


Cot bed (Prices starting from Rs.30,000 onwards)

A cot bed basically is a cradle. This is designed specially for babies and young children. It has got high boundaries all around and are smoothened at the edges to give maximum protection to the children inside. These are decorated with toys and rattles. These beds are mostly manufactured in wood or metal. They provide a safe space for babies or young children to play and sleep.  cot bed



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