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Tips & Ideas for painting walls Black!

Making the decision to paint a room black is a big deal. That was unheard of years ago. The recent design trend has been to go dark on walls, cabinets, and furniture.


Tip # 1 Black absorbs light, so you won’t get reflections from the walls bouncing the light around, so it’s important to choose your lighting carefully. Adding a chandelier, sconces and lamps with plenty of wattages will ensure you can see the room during the day, especially in rooms where you will spend a lot of time. For example, in a powder room, we have to hang recessed lights overhead and sconces on the walls which are controlled separately so we can have the room very light or very dim.

Tip # 2 The dark hue should be carried throughout the room, meaning replacing all cover switches and outlets a dark coloured hue. We have to add a black outlet switch plate in a glossy finish to the wall. We can also paint the outlet covers and switch plates the same colour as the walls, and remember to paint the tip of the screws too!

Tip # 3 Choose a sheen of eggshell or higher, matte will show every little scuff mark and leave a chalky residue on the walls. Eggshell is more durable and will retain the rich colour over time, a matte finish will fade quicker if exposed to sunlight.

Tip # 4 If you have high ceilings, choose a bright contrasting trim colour for added effect. Our ceilings are 10 ft high, so painting it a semi-gloss white gives a dramatic appearance. But if your ceilings are low, I would suggest painting trim the same colour as the wall, making the walls look taller.

Tip # 5 Use light finishes and linens to balance the room. Taking powder room as an example again we can add white hand towels and a white wire basket to hold tissue etc. to brighten the space. The countertop can also be white with slight grey veining. Using bright accents to add dimension and add interest to space, such as pink roses or other accents like pillows will brighten up a dark room.

Tip #6 If you’re apprehensive about painting a room black, start with a small space. Pick “safe” rooms to paint black, a gym and a powder room.

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