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The latest color trend 2020 : mustard yellow

Discover the latest interior color trends 2020 on Italian bark: be inspired today by mustard yellow interiors and design

Choosing my first color to share here at ITALIAN BARK… well that’s a tricky one!

When it comes to the World of Color there is an infinite source of inspiration. However after a little ponder over palettes; I thought of no better way to start our colorful  journey, than with color of the moment ‘must have’ mustard yellow!

A versatile smart, sassy hue with both retro and modern appeal. Car of choice for this venture, well it just has to be a ‘vintage fiat 500’ suitably in a shade of Milano Mustard (see below). That sorted-vehicle in mind, let’s begin by heading off to the fast-paced metropolis- Milan -city of the future; global capital of Fashion and Design. Milano Mustard is dynamic and can vary from subdued saffron to a dirtier hue of yellow edging towards Mustard Yellow. The earthier more muted mustard works well in contemporary and classic settings.


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