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Pooja room for apartments

Vastu Shastra lays down the foundation for building the pooja rooms in our houses. These spaces play a vital role in Indian homes, and they ought to be placed in a sacred way to attract all the positive energies. Our Vastu tips for the your pooja rooms take into consideration the direction, colours, design, and materials.

Location of the Prayer Area
The North-east, East or the North directions are preferred for constructing a pooja room. These directions are considered the most auspicious. Avoid placing the pooja rooms beneath the staircases and next to the toilets to ensure zero negative energies.Ideally, in order to follow Vastu for a pooja room in flats, make sure you have a pyramid-type structure of the ceiling. This roof looks like a gopura of a temple. Such a design ensures attracting positive energies in this space.

Color palette :
Serene colours like light blue, white, and pale yellow shall be chosen for the pooja room. White or cream-coloured marble is recommended for the floor to ensure better reflection and a brighter room. It's best to avoid dark colours.
Here are some of the ways to select the right pooja room design in apartments:

  • Make good use of the available space.
  • Choose the design according to the availability of space.
  • Play with colours.
  • Be sure of the direction of pooja mandir.
  • Chose a design that can reflect your personality.

Best Pooja Room Designs in Apartments:
As it is not possible to have a separate pooja room in the small apartment, you need to try the best and modern pooja room apartments design. Interested in knowing the trending pooja room ideas flats? Here are our some simple and latest pooja room designs in apartments that you can try:

1. Corner Pooja Room Design in Apartments:
One of the best ways to make your pooja room in small apartments is to use a suitable corner. Make sure that the chosen corner is the one which is not used quite frequently so that you can get the privacy for your prayers and devotion. You can use the corner by placing the pooja room things in a particular manner. Also, while picking up the corner, you can also consider trying Vastu for pooja room in flats. This will make you sure that you are placing the pooja room in the right location and direction for avoiding possible problems. Pooja unit

2. Shelf Pooja Room in Flats:
Another simple and convenient way of making the pooja room in your small apartment is by using the available shelf. This is also one of the common pooja room designs for flats which many people try and use. Just as you use your place’s shelves for placing decorative items, you can use them, in the same way, for your pooja mandir. You can also rely on the Vastu tips for pooja room in flats to be sure that you are moving in the right direction. You can either choose a wide shelf or a narrow shelf depending upon your need of space for pooja room.

shelf pooja room


3. Pooja Room in Apartments:

For most of the people, using the living area for their pooja room is the best solution. This offers them the required space as well as it gets along with the décor of the house as well. Choose any particular place for placing your pooja mandir in your living area, which may depend on your likings and preferences. Use different decorations for making your pooja room stand out from the rest of the place.

Pooja room


4. Pooja Unit in Kitchen:

Though having a pooja room in the kitchen is not recommended, but if you don’t have any other space, then you can utilize the same for your pooja room. This is one of the common designs for the pooja room in the east-facing flat. To make your pooja room in your kitchen, cabinets or shelf can be used less than the others. However, using a cabinet is more preferred as it helps in keeping the pooja room separated from the other kitchen activities and you can also close its doors. You can try the Vastu for pooja room in flats when making a pooja room in the kitchen.

Pooja room in kitchen


5. Pooja Room on a Wall:

Having a wall for pooja room is also one of the most used ideas for pooja room in small apartments. As it gets difficult to find a proper place for the pooja room. An entire wall can be used to make your pooja room.It has many decorations, pictures, and idols, etc. as one’s requirement on the wall. Experiment with the wall colour to represent it as your own pooja room designs in small apartments in a distinguished manner.

wall pooja unit


6. Pooja Cupboard Room Designs for Flats:

Many people prefer a dedicated room or cupboard for pooja, as it makes one of the great ideas for having pooja room in apartments. As you often create a cupboard for storing your household stuff, an entire cupboard can also be created for making pooja mandir. It can vary in size and design according to one’s likings and needs. This pooja room can be placed in the east-facing flat idea using creation and innovation. With this design, the best advantage is that one can get enough space for keeping and storing all pooja related things.

cupboard pooja unit

7. Pooja Room on a Ledge:

This pooja unit in small flats idea is becoming quite trending because of its ease and convenience of use. This design doesn’t require anything special which is one of the main reasons due to which most of the small apartments are now using this idea of having mandir in their place. If there is enough space to keep all the essential and necessary things for the mandir it can be done. To make it more attractive many decorations can be added as ones like and also can try a different background to get the feel of pooja room ideas in apartments.

ledge Pooja room


8. Wall Mounted Pooja Room in Apartment:

A wall-mounted pooja mandir in your small apartment. This is one of the most common pooja room designs for small flats but what make it different, is your own creativity and the way you are decorating it.These pooja room ideas flats not only save the maximum space but it also looks good with all types of home décor. Also, you can use different sizes of the wall-mounted mandir so that you get enough space for keeping all your required essential pooja mandir items in the right place without any hassles.

wall mounted


9. Stand Alone Pooja Mandir in Flat:

A separate standalone pooja mandir is a great solution for the limited space problem at your place. This is one of the trending ideas for pooja room in apartments that most of the people are trying.

Standalone Pooja unit

These designs will give you the same feel as having your own separate pooja room. These pooja rooms can be enhanced by using small doors or jaali, which will make it look even more attractive and appealing to the people. A different background idea can also be added with this mandir design.These designs are rising in popularity simply because of the compact size and limited space of the apartments. You can pick any of the available pooja space in small apartments along with considering the Vastu tips for pooja room in flats for getting the beautiful pooja room in your place without compromising with the size. If you need any further help in selecting the right modern pooja room apartments, then you can write to us by commenting below. We will get back to you with the best possible help related to your concerning issue.

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