Outstanding and beautiful Home bar designs

Home bars have been part of home plans for a long time. Some homes need huge rooms for their extensive bottle collection and entertainment needs, others prefer the hidden bar designs and then there are single dweller homes with mini wall bars. Home bars do not only provide a safe and organized storage for your collection of wines and spirits, but it also helps you prepare drinks quickly, easily, and efficiently by having all bar accouterments in one place. Here are some impressive home bar ideas and designs to inspire your next home renovation

The Barn

This vibe is all about great conversations, amazing companions, good times. All you need for a barn-inspired home bar is a chalkboard wall, a wood slab counter, a few vintage wire lighting, and bar stools. Perfect for basements or man cave settings.

Bar in Canbinet

This home bar is kept away from plain sight but is nearby and handy when situations call for a celebration, a party, or just a relaxing sip before bed. The cabinet is already complete with a bar cooler, a wine rack, and shelves for storage.


Floating Bottle Storage

Amazing and interesting! A perfect wine bottle storage for the modern minimalist home. This great design also doubles as a room divider. The silver or chrome bars give an edgy look. You can also use wood bars for a more rustic vibe.

Pull-Out Drawers

This mini home bar gets a big plus for its convenient design. Making up for its size, the pull-out drawers optimize the available storage space without sacrificing convenience. The bottom drawer for the tall bottles, the top drawer for shorter ones, and the upper shelves for glasses, carafes, and other bar implements. It even has a service and prep counter!

Under the Stairs

Put that awkward space under your stairs to great use. A home bar is just perfect! The black granite countertop sets the moody vibe, while the red brick wall brings the rustic and charming look. Completing the bar are shelves for the bottles, mood lights and a spacious cooler.

Chic Nook

Why go out when you can enjoy your favorite drink from your own chic home bar? Bring your friend over instead and have the party in the house! Chic and modern, the look includes a brick wall, a marble counter, a couple of black metal bar stools and an amazing and impressive customized metal wall storage.

Marbled Opulence

For those who aren’t afraid to party in the light, this bright and magnificent home bar is for you! The white, grey, and several shades in between complement the luxurious marble wall and counters. Complete the posh look with chrome bar stools and crystal pendant lights.

All in the Wall

This home bar also doubles as wall décor. With smaller homes, home bar ideas, and designs have become more creative. Save up on floor space by installing your home bar on the wall. Great idea for bachelor pads and smaller mancaves. Box shelves serve as storage, counters, and lighting base. Use your creativity to design the best wall home bar fit for your taste and personality.

Rustic Industrial

Combine the rugged vibe of the Wild West with the warmth of rustic charm. The bare concrete floors, brick walls, and wood-paneled ceilings all give strong impressions of bucolic hospitality and good times. The vintage wood and metal bar, vintage light, and old-school bar stool drive in the industrial look.

Garden Bar

Bring the party outdoors with this cool garden bar. Perfect for pool parties or just lounging in your deck or garden and enjoying a few drinks, alone, with your significant other or with friends. Complete with coolers, box wine shelves, a bar and a pair of barrel buckets, one for ice, and the other one used as a planter for your favorite cocktail herb or spice.

Party in a Barrel

Cool, novel, and fun idea! This bar in a barrel is best for smaller homes or apartments, and for bigger homes but would want several bars around the house. As is, the rustic barrel is an interesting home accent, open it up and the party begins.

Lounge with a View

Turn your balcony, window room, or verandah into this amazing home bar. The bar is installed on one side of the room – complete with a sink, cooler, shelves, and storage cabinets. The dark wood and black combi contrast the white overall theme and the brightness coming from the wide glass window. With the sofa set against the wall and nesting tables, space is maximized.

Between Planting and Wining

This garden-inspired home bar is refreshing, trendy, and fun! Build a home bar that will satisfy your need for both gardening and enjoying your favorite cocktail. Equipped with a sink, a cooler, lots of counter space, and a chic black metal shelving. Your guests will enjoy just lounging in this beautiful room.

The Cocktail Pantry

For people who love to entertain at home, this huge cocktail pantry is a must. You can build this in the kitchen, in the basement or game room, and even in the hallway. Wine coolers below and storage shelves above. The middle shelf serves as the prep counter. You can close up the pantry with sliding glass doors.

Glassed in Wine Room

Bright, ultra-modern, arresting, and posh. When you want a separate wine room but still want it very much part of the house, this glassed-in wine room is for you. The wine racks on two sides of the room screen off direct view, while one wall serves as the counter and storage area.

Enduring Classic

This classy home bar is sophisticated, graceful, and timeless. This style will endure trends, go across home styles, and fit into many people’s personalities and tastes. The black nook includes X box bottle shelves, shelves, a prep counter, some drawers and a cooler. To brighten up the look, decorate the bar with wine glasses, decanters, and silver buckets and trays.

Modern Side Bar

A modern side home bar is best for the dining room, hallway, and for smaller basements and party rooms. The home bar features a counter, a cooler, a bottle rack, and a couple of bar stools. Very notable are the wall accents of wood cubes and a black panel, highlighted by several spotlights. Cool!

Patio Party Room

Turn your patio into a party or chill zone by adding a home bar. This glass-encased patio includes a minibar that can serve your favorite drink without you running to the kitchen. The geometric design of the bar is picked up by the very interesting floor detail. Add some vintage glass dome pendant lights, a couple of mid-century modern chairs for the refreshing outdoorsy vibe.

Rustic Mancave

Urbane, rustic, impressive. The wood panel walls, massive wood beam, vintage bar stools, and the galvanized iron sheet enclosed lights deliver a strong, active and vibrant personality. While the tile collage splashback and anchor décor show a creative side.

Disguise a Console

How clever is this flip-top cabinet-meets-bar? Designed by NICOLEHOLLIS, this modern living room is always ready to party. With a piece like this, you won't have to run back and forth to the kitchen to make cocktails for your guests, but you can also hide the booze when need by.

Tuck It Away

Designed by Fiona Lynch, this home bar is like a little speakeasy. Two-door opens to a spacious serving bar. This way, you can keep it closed up and save space when you're not entertaining

Mix in Books

What goes better together than booze and books? This built-in bookcase doubles as a bar while the adjacent cabinet is actually camouflaging a refrigerator. Designed by Leanne Ford, the books ensure that the home bar fits in with the study.

Add a Mirror Backsplash

Not only are the symmetrical wine fridges aesthetically pleasing, but they're also conveniently located and such good use of the little space. The smokey mirrored backsplash brings the right touch of formal style to this space designed by Studio DB, too.


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