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Types of sinks Types of sinks

Popular Kitchen sink types in India


Also referred to as the drop in type of sink because of the manner in which it has been designed i.e., in such a way that it is dropped into a hole in the counter top. It has a rim or a lip that aids in holding it in place thus creating a finished look.


This type of sink is very easy and inexpensive to install, and one can easily install it even without any special skills.


The area between the lip of the sink and the counter can quickly accumulate scum because the sink’s rim prevents you from seeping the debris and the water from the counter straight into the sink.



A type of sink that has been mounted underneath the counter. It has no rim or lip thus the edge of the counter directly drops off to the sink basin.


Cleaning is much easier because the debris can easily be wiped straight to the sink. It does not have crevices or grooves where food can accumulate. It also provides an excellent, clean, and modern look.


Cost is a major drawback. Basically during the installation which may even require an internal support system (especially the heavier sinks-e.g. those made of fire-clay or cast iron)


Farmhouse Sink is also referred as an apron sink. Its unique feature is the large forward facing section replacing a section of the counter (i.e. a front wall that forms both the front side of the sink and the edge of the counter). It is a type of sink that is often preferred by people who love a traditional looking or country-style design. If this is what you’re looking for, go for the copper farmhouse sink. 

This type of sink can be installed on top of a free standing table (that is fixed to the wall) or on top of a cabinet. These types of kitchen sinks are available in both single and double basin varieties (however, the most common ones are the single basin models).


The sizes of these types of sinks are large enough to allow big baking pans and even large casserole pans. The person using the sink does not have to strain because only a little space is left between the edge of the counter and the sink.


In case the front side of the sink drops, the water will drip straight to the floor.