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20 Ideas to brighten up your home office space

Practical working desk in bedroom
Situate your desk where it fits comfortably into the bedroom and where you enjoy working. By placing a low-profile desk in front of a bedroom window, you get to enjoy the outdoor view while saving solid wall space for taller furniture pieces. Or, position a petite writing desk against the foot of your bed as a space-saving location that's also aesthetically pleasing.
When you place a desk beside your bed, the piece does double-duty as a desk and nightstand. Set an organizer on top of your desktop to keep small office supplies neatly organized and within easy reach. If you're planning to work for long periods of time at your desk, pair it with an ergonomic chair for increased comfort.
practical working desk

Strategic accommodation of two desks

Sharing an office with someone whose work style and comfort requirements are too different from yours, instead of tossing around ideas, you may end up tossing each other out.
Sharing an office doesn't mean that you need to have identical work areas. Each person's desires should be taken into consideration. Even when two people both use desks and do the same type of work, one may have a style where they like to spread everything out on their desk, while the other likes to keep things more compact.
If the person who needs larger desktop area doesn't get it, they may end up spreading out onto the other person's area or onto joint areas, making the other person feel like their space is being invaded. To avoid friction, evaluate workspace needs independently and provide accordingly.
Strategic accommodation of two desks  


Maximize vertical space

A home study isn’t something everyone is able to have, but – if you do – space maximization is paramount. One of the best pieces of advice is to use an L-shaped desk in a corner of the room. This gives you two different work surfaces without taking up much of the room. There are also a number of furniture solutions that double as storage units, so take advantage of these.
It’s essential to have an efficient working space, especially if you spend so much time working at your desk. With many freelancers and workers from home, the market has brought some creative and helpful solutions to make it easier for us.

  Maximize vertical space

Comfortable space
Do not underestimate the power of a comfortable chair!
The wrong seating arrangements in your home office setup can lead to a lot more than just discomfort. According to a study, over 50% of people who work from home report suffering from frequent back and neck pains. Back pain can be a nuisance to shift and you’re definitely going to enjoy remote work less if you’re getting up every 5 minutes to fidget around in your chair. Plus, it can put a serious dent in your productivity.
So, a good office chair as more of an investment than a purchase Consider the seat and back material; whilst thick fabric may look comfortable, it can get very hot in summer. You only need to touch a leather car seat in summer to know that hot leather is a nightmare. Mesh, in contrast, is a much more breathable material. Additionally, look for adjustable features, such as armrests, seat height, and tilt.
Comfortable space


Option to stand
An ergonomic desk is its adjustable height, which means you don’t have to spend all day sitting down. As the saying goes, everything in moderation, and that includes being on your feet versus being on your bottom. By cranking the desk up to a taller height, you can stretch out those legs, readjust your posture, and squeeze a little more movement into your day—without, say, running around the block.
Option to stand


List of your business needs

  • Stand Up Adjustable Desk
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Laptop and Laptop Stand
  • Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
  • Lap Desk
  • Surge Power Strip with USB
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Printer Scanner
  • Task Lighting
  • File Cabinet
  • Green Plants
  • Office Stationery

  List of your business needs


Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re entirely digital. If you need to keep important documents in your home office, it’s worth buying a simple and functional file cabinet.
Go for a variety of home office storage types. Shelves for books, magazine files and ornaments; drawers with file hangers for paperwork; drawers for pens; and cupboards to hide away printers or bulky items.


Consider everyone's needs
Sharing a workspace means squeezing a desk and two people's paperwork and sundries into the space. Maximise the available room with a double desk and workstation with built in drawers under each.
Most parents know the struggles of getting school-aged children to do their homework. When this family designed their custom home, they created their “project room” as a destination for the kids.
Consider everyones needs


A view from the work space
Choose surroundings that are conducive to your work. Find a space with a window if natural light is important to you. Put your office in an area of your home where the temperature will be comfortable for you all day. Find an office space with a door if you need it in order to shut yourself off from the rest of your home.
A view from the work space


Colors can affect mood, productivity, comfort and energy levels. According to color psychology, color is one of the most used tools in design to help encourage certain emotions or alter the perception of a room.
If you want your office space to seem bigger, light and airy colors will create the illusion of a roomier space. If you want your office to feel cozier, go for warmer wall shades and decor like soft yellows and wooden frames. When working for a fast-paced industry, soothing and calming shades are encouraged. A highly organized office can also help you feel at ease and focused. In creative industries, pops of color along with fun shapes and textures can inspire unique ideas.


A statement painting
Simple, straight-forward, and bold, it’s sure to grab the attention.
A panoramic painting divided into sections give an illusion of movement. Such a painting is simple yet powerful and attractive. It would grab the attention of anyone passing by and they will unintentionally move from one section to the other to be able to see the complete picture. Its simplicity makes it suitable for home office wall art.

A statement painting  


Put unused spaces to work

Here’s how to make the most of unused space:

  • Identify unused space, including size, location, and features
  • Ask yourself what types of spaces your workplace is missing
  • Gauge demand for different types of spaces or environments
  • Explore the viability of different space utilization
  • Multipurpose (agile) workspace
  • Experiential space
  • Hot desks or hotel desks
  • Rent or sublet space
  • Growth and expansion opportunities
  • Determine where you can derive the most benefit
  • Effectively utilize reproposed space

  Put unused spaces to work


Personalize the space
Don’t sacrifice on style! The great part about working from home is that you can decide how you want your home office to look and feel. Match your home office with the design and style of your home.
Think about what inspires you. It could be a favorite piece of artwork, a collection of objects, or an invigorating paint color. Include these personal touches when you plan your home office design. It will brighten up your day and make you feel… at home.
Personalize the space


Be a minimalist
Whether your work space is an extra room, a dedicated office, or simply a corner of another room in your house, it’s important to keep it simple. An office can interfere with your productivity for a number of reasons, including:

  • Excess clutter
  • Distractions of a dual use room (laundry, workout facility, kitchen or storage room for instance)
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of house plants, wall art or other design elements
  • Insufficient space for critical work materials
  • A space that does not separate work from other household activities
  • Poor technology (internet, printer, monitors, etc.)

  Be a minimalist


Floor to ceiling with storage
Clever storage and smart space designs across recently completed luxury interior projects, from cabinets in textured finishes to sliding pocket doors and floor-to-ceiling shelving. Take inspiration from some of our storage solutions that are not only highly functional but elegant and chic at the same time.
A floor to ceiling bookcase can be your solution to reclaim your bed and work desk from the pile of books and add a bit more class to your living. After all what is the point of all that knowledge if it does not show up in the tidiness of your surroundings. Put your book collection in a floor to ceiling cabinet and make your living area into the perfect book lover’s abode. Also add some comfy couches if you don’t already have one.
Floor to ceiling with storage


Minimize visual clutter
The home office is often prone to clutter, as tidiness tends to fall by the wayside when deadlines are looming and you’ve got a million and one things to do. But let’s face it: You can’t do your best work if your work space is a disaster. Save your sanity and make your home office a more organized, pleasant and productive space by adopting these strategies. From conquering piles of paper to clever cord-taming tricks, these hacks will help you whip your work space into shape in no time.

  • Make space for a multitasking message board.
  • Create order with drawer organizers
  • Corral chaotic cables
  • Or go cord-free
  • Get color coding.
  • Establish zones for maximum efficiency
  • Schedule regular maintenance.

  minimize visual clutter


Make most of the corners
We can take advantage of an empty corner or a small bare wall: in this case too, just hang a shelf that will become your desk. It will not be very spacious but at least you will know where to place your PC a place
Instead of trying to squeeze a traditional desk into this tiny home office, the design team at CDK Architects installed a wrap-around, hanging wood counter. Doing so made more room for bookshelves and other storage solutions that were added later. The open floor space beneath a free-hanging desk or counter allows chairs to move around freely and provides places to tuck file cabinets and storage boxes.
Make most of the corners


Lighting plays a pivotal role in defining every room of the house, and it becomes even more important in spaces like the kitchen and the home office, where functionality is far more important than mere aesthetics. A poorly lit home office can be demoralizing and can affect your mood and hurt your vision in the long run. But these inherently simple and smart ‘must dos’ help in revamping your home office and seeing it in a whole new light.


Decorate with plants
One of the benefits of working from home is the ability to design an office space that inspires and motivates you. A great way to create an environment that is healthy and productive is with office plants. Office plants can reduce stress, boost mood, and improve perceptions of the workspace (make it a more appealing place to be).
Benefits of Plants in the Home Office:

  • Air Filter
  • Improved Health
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Increased Productivity

  Decorate with plants


Add wallpaper
Create a fantastic backdrop to all those video meetings, home schooling classes or just for your own sanity. Find a pattern to keep you focussed, offer a genuinely nice atmosphere and be bright and light to get your tasks completed without a headache.

Add wallpaper  

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