26 Top Design Styles For Home Office

Neoclassical Nook
As you plan a space, start with a vision for the colors. The more muted palette is one of the most defining features of neoclassical. Define an area with a rug, ideally something with a gentle, floral or oriental pattern. Add to this some furniture. The antiquity-inspired furniture can really bring out the best features of this aesthetic. Although neoclassical is not a minimalist style, it shouldn’t be overly visually busy like some of its more opulent predecessors.

Playful Home Office
From functional desks with many storing areas to original items that make the room out of the ordinary, the laboring territory abounds in trendy ideas. One important ‘discovery’ should be put on the list after collecting what’s hot on the market. It does not matter how small the allocated area is; there are plenty of solutions to make it wider, functional and also very stylish. Lamps, spots, posters, colorful utensils, flower pots, maps and books – they all contribute to your good feeling while working.

Playful Home Office
Idyllic Home Office Design
Establishing a work/home life balance is crucial. In order to be successful working from home, you need to set some boundaries. Create yourself a working area for starters and make sure you always get dressed in the morning. This really increases productivity. Redundant spaces are easy to find in your home and these are the best places to convert when it comes to using them for office/workspace. It’s really important to set yourself some boundaries in terms of work hours too.

Idyllic Home Office Design

Mediterranean Home Office

The old idea that workplaces should have neutral and restrained colours is now a thing of the past. That may well be an option, but decorative styles with more striking features are not at odds with productivity and effectiveness. In fact, the bright colours and natural light, typical of Mediterranean design, are stimulating and inspiring as well as being comfortable spaces that boost the well-being of users.

Mediterranean Home Office

Contemporary Home Office
The home office is not only a place to work, but a place to express your own personal style. Wood office furniture spans a huge variety of styles and design philosophies, allowing your style to show through while you toil away.

Contemporary Home Office
Art Gallery Home Office
One of our favorite elements of this cute little gallery wall is that some of the pieces are framed kids' artwork. Not only is this idea adorable, but it's a great way to make your children feel like they are an intentional part of your home design.


Accent Wall Home Office
Accent walls can actually really change the whole feel of a home, and it will definitely be for the better. It sounds like it would throw your symmetry off balance, but it actually just adds a touch of dimension, intrigue, and style.


Corner Home Office

Even if you have finally managed to free up a small room for the home office, making the most of every inch available means dealing with those awkward corners. Often neglected and easily overlooked, that boring, closed and dark corner in your home office holds plenty of potential. It is just a matter of finding what works best for you.


Rococo Home Office

The rococo style in the interior design of houses, apartments, or salon reflects the desire of premises’ owners to emphasize the high status and excellent taste, expressed in love for detail, in a carefully thought-out combination of furniture and interior design, the ability to combine the dynamic forms with cool lines.


Paneled Home Office

The home office is a room that needs to perfectly combine an elegant and sober interior with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The wood paneling matches the exposed ceiling beams and the décor is very elegant and cohesive. This home office is almost entirely wrapped in wood so it feels very inviting and comfortable.


Violet Home Office

Painting the lower half of the wall behind the desk a darker shade of violet creates the illusion of a higher ceiling in this smart home office.


Vibrant Home Office

These ultra-modern, cool and comfy work places don’t just show us all the places we wished we worked, they provide bags of vibrant inspiration to implement in our very own homes! We’re going to take a tour through vibrant sitting rooms, open plan layouts, colourful decor palettes, modern furniture arrangements, cool lighting solutions, and modern staircase designs that would translate fabulously into many residential builds. These are spaces that promote connection, interaction, creative energy and good vibes, which is something we all could use a lot more of–whether at work collaborating with colleagues, or at home engaging with our family and personal projects.


Antique Home Office

A view into an office that feels very spacious and bright, something that would seem to be an opposite of the classic rustic interior, but with a carefully chosen country furniture you can have the best of both worlds. Neutral color tones are a sure companion of rustic interiors; this grayish home office feels like a prototype for simplistic, rural home offices where every element feels vintage.


Shades of White Office

The neutral color scheme gives them design flexibility, allows them to add trendy accents that stand out visually, and gives the interior a relaxed, modern vibe. Taking this approach in design and decorating to a whole new level is the all-white home office. Far more interesting than it sounds, the white home office offers the perfect canvas on which you can paint a vibrant and productive work environment!


Spare, Simple Home Office

There’s something about a room with clean lines, white walls, sleek furniture, and minimal decor that quiets a busy mind. If you’re someone who struggles with staying productive while working from home, taking a minimalist approach to your home office design will help you stay on track.


Light - Filled Home Office
Move your desk right now to take advantage of all that beautiful natural light. Natural light is way easier on your eyes. If you’ve got a great view with little distractions, consider putting your desk right under the window.


Bold & Linear Home Office
Love open-plan living, but sometimes need peace and quiet in your home office? Choose sliding doors for the best of both worlds. When you need to concentrate, just slide the doors across, and when you want that spacious free-flowing feel, sliding doors will be completely unobtrusive.


Formal Library Home Office
Our books are more than a hobby or coffee table dressing, they're a passion, and like any other collection curated over years and years, the books in our homes deserve more than just storage. They should be displayed and celebrated in home libraries that are as beautiful as every other room. If you're looking to create a shrine to the written word for your own home here are some inspirational masterpieces that will get you going.


Decadent, Plush Home Office
For an efficient workstation, it's important to create a space that has style, storage and comfort, where you'll be able to knuckle down during the working week. Whip your home office into shape with these inspiring ideas for a productive setup.


Rustic & Cozy Home Office
This style blends minimalist and rustic design elements to create a simple, streamlined look. The bookcase is sleek and has a no-frills vibe, but rustic decor pieces help warm it up. Likewise, the desk is bare and without decor but the weathered wooden surface gives it that cozy, rustic feel. The neutral color palette looks great with both the relaxed natural vibes of rustic design and the cool, contemporary minimalism. And, there is plenty of storage so you can keep this rustic minimalist home office tidy and neat.


Eclectic Home Office
There are plenty of different styles you can choose in a small home office or workspace that bring order and create a relaxing backdrop. Some feel sophisticated and minimal and others are classic and full of textural charm. But few have the sheer ‘energy’ and vivacious brilliance of eclectic style at its balanced best. The challenge with a style like eclectic is undoubtedly in achieving the right balance between what feels dramatic and what is just garish and ungainly. It is a hard balance to achieve at the best of times and one that can only be perfected by trying out different combinations over time. Yet, the small eclectic home office is still worth all the effort!


Studio Space Home Office
The built-in desk on the bookshelf is the ultimate space-saving office hack as it doesn’t take up any additional floor space. These are our favorite desks for small spaces. The pair of tall bookcases are eye-catching and practical at once, serving as stylish displays and wall storage while also offering up a small space work surface. The statement armchair and clean-lined coffee table are the main furniture pieces that stand out in the room. They help balance out the office area as additional focal points.

Studio Space Home Office 1 

Mid - Century Inspired Home Office
Mid-century modern harmoniously combines form and function in many ways. From the shape of the chair back to the storage in a desk, there’s much to appreciate about mid-century furniture and decor.


Serene & Minimal Home Office

A calming and inspirational office that serves as both a productive workspace, and tranquil reading room. The style of minimalism is characterized by austerity and understated decoration. Think functional furniture, geometric shapes, and neutral color choices. Minimalist design is the most very function-based complete with sleek, seamless style. The goal is to create a calming, clutter-free environment. Minimalism is all about bringing things back to basics. Minimalist interior design focuses on omitting the unnecessary, spending a little more time on the details, and embracing the white space.

serene and minimal

Cozy Library Home Office
A well-designed home office will most certainly set the stage for higher productivity, but why not get creative, try incorporating a personalized library into your space. This can be a set of shelves above your desk, a built-in library with a ladder or just a single unit purchased.

cozy library

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