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Home Bar units

Innovative home bar ideas are a great way for upgrading the living room or any other zone where you wish to set up a bar for entertaining friends and family. In the last few years there has been an increase in trend of setting up a home bar and there are many designs that are very popular today.
Going bar or lounge hopping may seem fun on certain weekends but it starts tiring you out after a certain point in time. You will ultimately feel jaded, tired, and too relaxed at home to venture outdoors on all weekends or special occasions. Especially in today’s scenario due to the pandemic it is not completely safe to venture out. This will then call for more relaxed outings at home with friends or family members for the company. If not anybody then just you and your loved ones or you yourself, unwinding with a drink in comfy casual clothing. Nothing works better than a suitable home bar for entertaining guests while recreating the feel of a mini lounge or bar within the comfort of your own home itself.
There are several options available if you are searching for a suitable mini bar design at home or likewise. All you need to do is follow the given tips and life will be a whole new party once again!

Look and Feel

When it comes to your house bar design, there are certain tips that you can help to change the looks and feel of your personal space.

  • Mirror backsplashes- Wine fridges placed symmetrically are pleasing to the eye and great to look at that! They are also located strategically for optimizing usage of smaller spaces. Smokey and lovely mirrored backsplashes infuse the right kind of sophistication and formal elegance into any home bar space.
  • Customization of Storage Space- Another great way to infuse feel into any space is to customize your storage shelves for the home bar. There are several ideas for building little nooks in the corner with in-built shelves, floating shelves, or the like. A mini-fridge that remains hidden anywhere in the living or dining area likewise can be added which creates a nicely secretive feel.
  • Real Feel- Real feel means making your home bar unit look just as real as a regular outdoor bar would be. If your budget is on the higher side, then a wide selection of luxury and boutique items can also be added. Go for elaborately inlaid design patterns with richer textures and more vibrant hues likewise.

The Placement


  • Strategic placement- The golden rule behind successful bar designs for living rooms or kitchens is strategic positioning. If it is the latter, then ensure that you choose the right spot for placement. The home bar can be positioned near the dining area, making it easier to shuttle across whenever you are entertaining guests.
  • Decking up the pantry- If you have anything that resembles a pantry zone for your house-help or butler, you can use this area for your home bar. You can create a classic and bright zone with suitable printed wallpaper, display cabinets, and fresh coats of white paint.
  • Integrate spare shelves- You can do up the shelves with books on cocktail recipes along with artwork and plants for adding newer dimensions to the area. The dark and sleek bar stools will help create an edgier look against a backdrop in marble if that is fine with you!

The Power of Design


  • Club-esque vibes- Create a retro club vibe for bar unit designs by infusing luxe upholstery, cheetah, or animal print flooring and artwork. The painted brick theme can be used for a warehouse-like aesthetic while the striped fabric will infuse a more traditional and retro feel into space.
  • Use Cabinets- You can choose a good bar cabinet design for your home in this regard. You can use a sophisticated and plush cabinet with swinging doors for setting up your home bar.
  • Use Closets- While you may be searching for conventional home bar counter designs, you should know that closets also make for viable options. It can be neatly tuck the home bar behind the closet door while lining the back with wallpaper that looks pretty as well. This will blend neatly with the remainder of the room when the door stays open. A wine fridge will always be a must in this zone.
  • Choose the right layout- Ensure that your bar area stays exposed to any living space to help you entertain and socialize freely. There should be a sense of dramatic flair and intrigue for demarcating the layout while showcasing your personality at the same time.
  • Transform the dining zone- Create a home bar in your basement or any such storage space at home if you have one. Whenever there is any such room, you can use a skylight as well. This will create a romantic and formal feel owing to the warmer brown accents with sprinkles of gold.
  • Create a complete bar- You can have a smartly built full-fledged bar in the room for playing billiards, making it a great place for unwinding with friends and entertaining guests.

The Power of Disguise


  • Consoles A neat bar console for your home can be disguised by incorporating it with the Crockery unit. It can be designed in such a way that it is otherwise invisible but flips out to reveal your collection of bottles and glasses.
  • Appliances- The mini-fridge can be matched to the cabinets for disguising the same.

Home Bar Ideas for Everyone


  • Bar Carts- A bar cart which is possibly the simplest idea of all! Have one with bold accents in brass and a curvaceous texture to draw attention.
  • Wallpaper- Have personalized metallic wallpaper as the backdrop for a more intimate and charming home bar. You can have black marble used for the bar counter surface along with accompanying stained wood cabinets.
  • Wine Cellars- A wine cellar alongside the home bar cabinet will create a more traditional yet modern look overall.
  • Accouterments- Show off your collection of accessories with your home bar. A cigar box, cigar holder, funky cigarette lighters, ashtrays, unique glasses- the list is endless!
  • Matching the room- Matching the room and home bar is the easiest fix. Whatever color theme you have inside the living or dining area, simply have a bar cabinet showcasing the same color to look bigger and almost chameleon-esque!
  • Trays- Do not have space for a proper bar? Try one of the simplest home bar designs which is a serving tray positioned on a console table in the living room for a makeshift bar at home. Use lovely decanters and glass bottles here with glasses for company.
  • Speakeasy Mini Bars- You can use a speakeasy theme for your minibar. Have two doors that otherwise remain closed for saving space while opening up swiftly to reveal a spacious collection of bottles inside.
  • Gold accents- You can have a few accents in gold for decking up your home bar spectacularly in turn.
  • Mirrors- Simply hang a mirror over the home bar console or counter. This will lend it a more sophisticated and swankier vibe in turn.
  • Multi-purpose units- The home bar unit can have storage at the top or bottom for things like shoes, apparel, accessories, and a whole lot more.

Innovative House Bar Designs


  • Mirrored tile backsplashes help in maximizing overall brightness while enabling a disco-like look, complete with hanging lights.
  • Task lighting helps in creating a sleek look for your home bar.
  • Illumination from the floor is another good idea for wooden shelves on your home bar.
  • Create your home bar in one portion of a bookcase or throw in a few books in the storage area while hiding a mini-fridge alongside as well.
  • Vertical space can be used for your home bar. Keep it next to a small sitting zone for the actual bar vibe. Use vertical space for storing liquor bottles and other bar accessories. Floating shelves work well in this regard.
  • Use a kitchen counter portion as the home bar. Add shelves on the wall for catering to your storage needs.

Creating a Wet/Standalone Bar

Home bar ideas are not just restricted to the design touches or materials. The type of bar also matters immensely here.

  • Wet Bars- If you wish to add a customized home bar, ensure that it contains all the essentials that you require. A home bar can have ample cabinetry along with shelves for your collection, hidden storage, and more. This is a permanent type of bar for the home. A sink can be infused within the design as well.
  • Standalone Bars- If you desire something which feels solid without going into extensive renovation work, you can check out standalone shelves that pair well with the cabinets at home. This will offer a dedicated zone for your collection of spirits.

Useful Tips:


  • A place to keep glasses is essential.
  • A good home bar will have numerous shelves where you can put down your glasses and beverages.
  • It can be a set-in wall counter and designs such as these will ensure a good space for parties and snacks.
  • Wine racks are invaluable additions to home bars. You can view a cubby system that holds wine right above the counter. The home bar comes with a dark and sleek design that functions well in contemporary spaces. White countertops look nice in a contrasting

Home bar ideas are greatly subjective; a lot of things to experimentation and innovation can be done in this regard. Homes with minimalistic designs would do well to opt for a hidden home bar as well. A small bar can be nestled right behind folding doors in this regard. The placement will help in accessing bottles and glasses quickly even within smaller spaces.
A temporarily set up can done in a classy way. Stand-alone trays may be used on countertops with accents such as potted plants or accompanying décor pieces alongside. Tray bars will help accessibility throughout the house and you can have snack trays placed along the walls as well. It can be made foldable when they are not required for getting right back into storage. Create a charmingly rustic space with a television for the company. A natural wood-textured wall is a great idea right behind a bar zone at home

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