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Various finishes for kitchen Various finishes for kitchen

Popular finishes that are hit for kitchen cabinets

PU Finish
PU coating is one of the most popular surface finishes. If you have budget constraints, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. It is a great way to give a makeover to your old kitchen cabinets.
pu unit

Advantages :

  • PU finish beautifully incorporates decorative moulding in the cabinet shutters.
  • Gives a sleek and seamless look to the kitchen
  • Easier to change the colour of the cabinets while renovating
  • Gives a colourful look to the kitchen
  • Provides a silky-smooth finish on wood, plywood, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and HDF (high density fibreboard). As the paint is thick and does not get absorbed by these materials.

Acrylic Finish:
Acrylic finish gives a smooth texture and a high-gloss look to kitchen cabinets. This high-quality synthetic material comes with a perfect mirror-like finish and is shatter-resistant.


  • It is UV resistant – Ideal for the tropical climate in India.
  • The colours will not fade even under the fierce summer sunlight.
  • They are moisture-resistant, therefore it is easy to remove stains and food splashes just by wiping the surface with soap and water.
  • The high gloss kitchen units are also waterproof, which eliminates the need for special treatment and coating the surface with sealants.

Matte/Suede Finish
A matte finish surface absorbs light, as opposed to reflecting it. This gives it a muted look.That lack of light reflection allows matte cabinets to hide smudges, scratches and stains better than glossy surfaces.
Matte finish


Super matte
This is a very low-gloss finish with an extremely fine microstructure, which can be used as an alternative to extremely matte lacquered surfaces. Combining it with soft pastel colors and some lighter wooden structures, a modern decorative surface can be obtained.
Matte super


Glossy Finish – Semi / High

Semi-gloss has more shine its gloss reflects a lot of light. This colors appear deeper and brighter than the same colors with satin finishes. It helps to hide your cabinets' surface imperfections and also accentuates them.
semi gloss


High- Gloss
It is commonly used on surfaces that undergo frequent washing and some woodwork. They are also popular on kitchen cabinets, but some homeowners shy away from them because of the extreme shininess that tends to amplify flaws.
high gloss


A Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil is also known as membrane. It is available in various finishes such as matt, glossy and even wooden texture. This foil is covered over medium density fibreboard (MDF) under high pressure. It is a durable and an economical choice.


  • Suitable for almost all-weather types due to good resistance to water and weather
  • Long lasting and durable with higher life span of the laminates
  • Gives a rich look of matt as well as the glossy finish to the shutters
  • Easily washable with mild detergent and moist cloth
  • Does not require edge banding
  • Quite smooth to touch and feel in finishing
  • Economical as compared to acrylic or UV finishes

Veneer/ Polish / Varnish Finish
Veneer is a thin layer of hardwood which is stuck with adhesive. It can be easily classified into raw, paper backed, phenolic backed, laid up, reconstituted veneer and wood on wood.
Since it is a natural material, veneer is available in a limited number of shades. It maintains the elegance and grace of their parent material. Unlike laminates, each veneer is distinctive adding a unique and rich feel to furniture.


  • Gives a rich, warm and natural appearance
  • Looks virtually indistinguishable from solid wood furniture.
  • Provides a luxurious and expensive finish to the look.
  • Adds warmth and a touch of class to your décor

Glass Cabinets

Transparent glass
It is widely used since it is affordable and comes with different variances. This type of glass is decorative and elegant and suits all types of kitchen styles since it focuses on the display of the content.Transparent kitchen glass cabinets are more prone to greasy, oil splashes and smears from hands, therefore you are required to wipe them often for it to be appealing.


Frosted glass

  • This has a distorted view which allows you to see colors and shapes through.
  • Achieves translucent quality from sandblasting
  • Gives it a cool and clean sleek design that elegantly matches with a sleek stainless steel finish of a modern kitchen cabinet.
  • It can assist in masking fingerprints and splashes.



Textured glass
It comes in different designs and patterns. It can be floral, wavy, pebbled, reeded, ribbed, fluted, aquatic, arctic, rain or yacare. Textured glass can be more translucent depending on the density of the glass you want.

  • Has an ancient aspect appearance for kitchen cabinets glass. Since it was commonly used in designing traditional kitchen cabinet glass.
  • The textured cabinet add an aesthetic appearance to your kitchen.
  • The kitchen cabinet glass can be customized to any decorative design.
  • They enable a kitchen to appear more spacious and open.


Aluminium composite panels
Aluminium composite panel is popularly known as ACP. It is made up of aluminium composite material (ACM), which contains two thinly coated aluminium sheets. As it comprises of two distinctive materials that is metals and non-metal, i.e. aluminium and polyethylene plastic. It overcomes the limitations and the drawbacks of the original material.


  • It is a good material that is easy to process and form.
  • It is an excellent product for efficiency, which can shorten the construction period and reduce costs.
  • The Aluminium alloy panels can be cut, slotted, band saw, drilled, treated with countersunk or cold bends, cold-bent folded, cold rolled, riveted, screwed or glued too.

Aluminium composite panels


Stainless steel
Stainless Steel Kitchen cabinet designs have an industrial look that can be a great compliment to just about any kitchen. One thing to keep in mind if you’re considering stainless steel kitchen cabinets is that they can easily combine with other materials to create great visual interest and contrast. They are easy to scrub down without damaging the surface, making them ideal as modular kitchen cabinets in Indian homes. Additionally, unlike other materials, they aren’t affected by heat or humidity.
Stainless steel1


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