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Embracing the color Black for you Interiors

Are you afraid of the Dark?
Fear is the common emotion with darker interiors. Unlike beige or muted colors, which are the first choice for any owner, deep colors like black, coal, grey's are considered trickier to handle. “Called as a high-maintenance, dramatic and bold”, Is Black the color to be afraid of? On the contrary, it’s not as imposing as you think, Black walls provide perfect backdrop and act as a neutral canvas for your art, other decorative items to stand out.
Like a black dress, which makes a strong visual statement, black walls also send a message that it is complete and ready to be taken seriously. Be a space large or small, dark interiors make the rooms feel warm, cozy and of high -value.

Image 1

Black is a symbol of power, courage and agility. The complementary hues to match this very essence are deep burgundy, scarlet red and golden hues. These combinations are well suited for personal or public domains. The formal lounge, or meeting spaces, the ambitious study or office areas, or even bedrooms to reflect love and passion can be perfect to dress up in black colors.

Here are the mighty 7 ways to use Black in rooms big or small, that too without even feeling shrinked or cramped up.


Quite contrary to our design beliefs, deep colors blur the edges/corners of space, making the room appear seamless and large. One creative idea is to use wallpaper or a mural that transfers from one wall to another. So that the color of the wall behaves as a neutral and design becomes the primary focus.

Image 2

The edges, boundaries of a room are disguished by the matte black finish, making the space appear and feel larger than it really is.”

Take the plunge, cover your room with black hues and to make it appear as a neutral canvas, add different interests in the space just like a bright upholstered chair or a trendy pendant light or colorful throw pillows. Color often tricks the eyes to make the room look larger and to have multiple dimensions. By adding right colors in the right amount will actually help to focus on the forefront, allowing the walls to disappear, acting neutrally as a backdrop.

Image 3

No hiding behind, this tip is about showing confidence about your bold choices and using the coal colors for the making of statement walls. Painting wall with black is an irreversible action, when accentuated with striking textures or metallic gold stylish shimmer turn out to be a big success.

Image 4

 “Metallic gold tones when set against deep-tone backdrops, partnered with rich jewel tones and shadowy neutrals allow their sparkle to shine well.”

Without much talking, artificial lighting fixtures have become one of the most attention -grabbing pieces over the years. Use warm accent lighting with a great artistic appeal to create a spectacular look for your room. The hanging fixture will become the center art-piece, create interest while allowing the darker color surroundings to behave as a thick mat frame.

Image 5

There is almost nothing on earth that a mirror cannot solve plus it adds elegance and finesse in the decor. Placing a mirror in a dark interior room will put a focal point, open up space at the same time while also serving a great idea to reflect any creative or decorative item which is worth looking at.

Image 6

 “Placing a mirror is a simple, evergreen and magical tip to add depth and reflect back the available light in the given room.”


Deep color furnishings help to accentuate a space through their solid and bold character. Coal black rugs direct the eyes to the floor, making even a compact space appear larger at the base. They can be very well complemented with dark accent leather finished chairs or quality suede fabric. In reality, black furnishings, and even coal color furniture actually feel more personal, intimate and cozy than a space with bright colors.



An all-time safest option is to start small, instead of going bold, you can always start with wall trims, door architraves or kitchen dados. Let it sink in first, then you can imagine further and can go creative in full swing. These black accents help to add interest in the spaces, breaking the monotony and building the aesthetics.

image 8

It is fun to experiment with classical and traditional designs. The black motif wallpapers are symbolic to the princely charm, lifestyle and esteem. When used in study areas, living rooms or even in bathrooms, add a royal feel to the room without even looking overwhelming. To conclude, if you are looking to add some spice to an otherwise nice-but-nothing special rooms? The solution is as simple as a gallon of dark paint in your favourite hue and follow any of these hacks. These images have plenty of excitement, charm and brimming energy to inspire you to take the plunge, EMBRACE the DARK and create some new look for your favourite room. So why wait !!

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