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Different Types of Sofa - Purchasing guide

Types of Sofas: How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home

There are multiple types of sofas in the market. If you are someone setting up your first apartment or villa or if you are just doing a renovation, you will always need a sofa that fits your personality and lifestyle. For example, while a sofa with rolled arms and tufted cushions will go with a traditional look, a clean-lined minimal design will give a more contemporary and modern feel. If you are confused, we at Blucap Interiors are always here to help. Here is a basic guide for you to go through and understand the different types of sofas. You can always reach out to us if you would like us to custom-make your sofas that will perfectly match your interiors!

Sofa Sizes
It is important to understand the sofa sizes before we get into knowing the types. Size is a crucial factor in getting the right sofa. Most importantly, size must be balanced. It should fill the space but not make it cramped. The width, depth and height play a major role in the functionality of any sofa. While width determines the number of people you can accommodate, depth will impact the posture. Height of the sofa seats will determine whether your feet will be firmly on ground will sitting or will be dangling. 

traditional sofa In most of the living room layouts, a standard sofa is ideally between six and eight feet wide including the armrests. It will be around 36 inches hight and 38 inches deep. You need to take the dimensions of your room into consideration before making your choice of the sofa. Always remember that you need at least 30 to 36 inches of walkway space to avoid feeling cramped. Likewise, any other seating must be around 36 inches apart. If you are choosing a coffee table, for for one that is the same height as the sofa and place it about 14 to18 niches away for easy access. 

Petite Sofas
Petite sofas are great for smaller spaces. This is the smaller version of the standard traditional sofa. It has similar height and length. However it has decreased depth which saves space in small rooms. There are a couple of factors to consider while you make your mind on Petite Sofas. If the people sitting on the sofa are shorter in nature and that they find their feet dangling while leaning against the backrest, a shallow seat petite sofa will work ideal. The second variable will be the size of the room. You may choose petite sofas in long areas that are not very wide. It can safe precious square footage.  petite sofa

Grande Sofas
You want to accommodate more friends and family in your sofa? Your answer will be Grande Sofas! Typically measuring between 90 and 110 inches long, these sofas can comfortably accommodate upto five guests. These will be perfect additions if you are someone who have lots of friends and family coming over to visit. Another important advantage with grande sofas is that tall people will be most comfortable to sit on it.  grande sofa

Are you looking for a cosier feel to the room? You may have the right choice in loveseat. It is as deep and high as a traditional sofa. However there is room for just two people to comfortably sit. This helps save space as well as create a cozy feel to the room. This can be coupled with larger 3 seater sofas as well in an L shape if space permits.  loave seats sofa

Sectional Sofas
Sectional sofas are most in demand these days due to their functionality. These are comprised of multiple modular components. You can arrange them generally in an L shape or U shape according to the space available and shape of the room. These sofas help utilise the available space the best possible way as these utilise the corners as well. These can be accommodated in large spaces as well as moderate spaces if planned wisely. sectional sofa

As name suggests, Camelback sofas have a higher back in the center which slopes in a continuous line into the arms of the sofa. Some of the designs are with two arches on the back. These sofas generally have exposed wooden legs as well as exposed wood on top of the back and arms. It's a classic design. Camelback sofa

Types of Sofa Beds
In Indian culture, we always have relatives from out-of-town visiting us and staying over. In cities, the children might have got used to the idea of sleepover as well. In this scenario, a sleeper sofa might work wonders. A sofa that can be easily converted into a bed helps you convert your living room into a bedroom in an instant. The sizes can vary between king and queen based on the available space and need. You may also set up a twin daybed or cot chair for the kids. 

Trundle Sleeper Sofa
Trundle beds are once again convertible sofa cum beds. The front rail can be pulled forward to bring out the trundle mattress which is stowed inside. It is easy to pull the mattress out and lock it in place. These sofas are an excellent choice for a multipurpose sofa in relatively small spaces. Since the mattress is upholstered just like the rest of the couch the bed will look very much part of the room even while it is rolled out. This can work out both as an extra bed or as a larger couch for a movie night with friends and family! trundle sofa

Pull Out Sofa Beds
Pull Out Sofa Beds provide the comfort of a conventional mattress. These sofas have a traditional foam mattress within them. It makes it easier and more comfortable for guests who stay over for a couple of nights or more. There are those without bars and springs too. If you would like to go premium, you can also opt for memory foam mattresses or gel mattresses. You dress it with well fitted sheets along with a quilt or duvet and you have a great bed for your guests! pullout sofa

Daybeds look similar to a chaise lounge except that the daybed has ends or backs on each side. They dont really accommodate tall people vey well. So sleeping on them might be a challenge. However, it will work like a charm for children. If you would like to use it for visitors who stay over, do consider a daybed frame that houses a standard twin mattress. An upholstered daybed will fit well with the rest of the furnitures and it can be styled as a modern seating.  daybed sofa

Futons are easy to set up sleeper beds. The back of the sofa folds down to transform to a large bed. Traditional futons have a wood or metal frame with a mattress on top. Modern sofa cum beds have upholstered cushions that are integrated into the frame itself. So all you have to do is to just fold them down and viola! you have a bed for your guest! This works perfectly well in any new age living room. futons sofa

Sofa Styles
Finalising the ideal size of a couch or sleeper that fits in your home is the first step. Once you have done that, its time to look at different styles of sofas ranging from plush and modern to traditional types. There is plenty for everyone’s taste and budget.

Tight Back Sofas
Tight back sofas have tightly upholstered backrest. These can be smooth or tufted. Its great to maintain the shape of the furniture and also gives a clean look. It also helps you avoid the pain of managing cushions from sagging. You can create a more luxury feel by using premium leather for upholstery along with a few pillows in the backrest to add to the feel.  tight back sofa

Pillow Back Sofas
Pillow back sofas are also known as scatter back sofas. They come with large loose pillows arranged across the backrest. This type of sofas will not have fitted or upholstered backrests. These large pillows give a bigger comfort to those who sit on these sofas and create a more plush aesthetic feel to it. Its best for relaxing.  pillow back sofa

Tuxedo Sofas
Tuxedo sofas have a boxy frame with arms that are the same height as the backrest. It gives a very sophisticated and clean look and feel. These generally have four wood or metal legs. They also feature tufted backs and arms for added detail.  tuxedo sofa

Curved Back Sofas
Curved back sofas are for those who love surprises, creative freedom and class! This furniture is eye catching and feels at home in both retro and modern designs. This sofa is a stand alone. It can’t be fit flush against a wall due to its shape. It creates a warm intimate feel for those who sit on it. A very comfortable and aesthetic option indeed.  curved back sofa

Track Arm Sofas
Track arm sofas have rectangular armrests. The design feels straight with clean lines which in turn create a very contemporary feel. Since these have a very angular silhouette, its easy to place them against the wall or even in a corner. Use some throw pillows and you can make them even more comfortable and relaxing.  track arm sofa

Rolled Arm Sofas
If you are looking for a traditional looking sofa, Rolled arm sofas fit the best for you. Known as the English sofa, its known for low arms and hight back. Upholstery is tight and yet comfortable.  rolled arm sofa

Slope Arm Sofas
Slope arm sofas are a beauty. They add a contemporary detail to your home’s design. Armrests are at the same height as the backrest at the back. However, as the armrests come forward, it slops down creating a beautiful curved silhouette.  slope arm sofa

Pillow Arm Sofas
Pillow arm sofas are just what they indicate in the name. They use oversized cushions over the armrests. This makes it very attractive to those who spend a lot of their ‘me time’ on the sofas for purposes like reading. Its a beautiful furniture that works as a very relaxing couch.  pillow arm sofa

Armless Sofas
Armless sofas are standalone furniture. They can also be coupled comfortably with corner chairs, loveseats and chaise lounges. They are an essential part of minimalist designs in modern homes.  armless sofa

Upholstery Styles
Upholstery plays a major role in the design and functionality of a sofa. Figuring out the size that is required is the first step in choosing the right sofa. Second is to select the style. Then comes the upholstery which plays a major role. Color and pattern are very important factors in selecting the upholstery material. However factors like breathability and stain resistance should be kept foremost in mind while making your selection. 

Fabric Sofas
Selection of the right kind of sofa purely depends on your lifestyle and how you need the fabric to work for you. If you are selecting a fabric sofa, and your need is low maintenance, then go for synthetic micro fibres or blended fabrics that are stain resistant. Outdoor fabrics will be great for high traffic areas and in homes where the usage is high. Fabric sofas have a lot of variety to choose from in colors and patterns. You may consider cotton or linen fabrics if your choice is a gentle and soft feel in your sofa.  fabric sofa

Slipcovered Sofas
Slip covered sofas are for those who look for traditional look and feel. Maintenance becomes easy as you can just remove the washable covers and put them back after the wash. The best part is that you can have covers of different colors so that you can instantly change the look and feel of the room by just swapping the covers. It becomes the most affordable way to bring in freshness in design into your living room sofa.  slipcovered sofa

Leather Sofas
Leather is always a premium product. It comes in the luxury segment unless you are going for art leather. To create the sophisticated and luxurious look in your home, you can opt for pure leather sofas. Full-grain leather is the durable option and costlier too. However if you are looking for more affordable version, it will be the top-grain leather that you need to go for upholstering your sofa with.  leather sofa

Other Considerations
While sofa’s materials are very important in its looks, it is also equally important to pay attention to three other factors which are part of a sofa - frame, suspension and cushioning. 

  • Frame
    Frame is the most important factor to be considered as far as sturdiness of the sofa is considered. Best is to use frames from solid hardwood with legs that are part of the frame or attached by metal screws and brackets. In indian scenario, sofa makers use materials like plywood, mdf and even particle board to keep the cost down. There can be a mix of plywood and hardwood as well. Choosing the right frame befitting your budget is crucial. 
  • Suspension
    Sofa suspension contains coils, webbing or ties that support the cushions. If the sofa seats are removable, try running your hand along the seat deck which is the fabric layer that sits underneath the cushions. Wire suspensions with “S” shaped coils placed close together distribute weight more evenly providing a comfortable sit. For premium finishes, look for eight-way, hand-tied springs that are handcrafted to support every move on the sofa. 
  • Cushioning
    Selecting the right type of foam is very crucial to the final comfort of the sofa. Here this purely depends on the individual choices. You need to determine if you would like to have a sink-in-and-stay feeling or a firm support. Foam density place a very crucial role. Denser the foam, better the longevity. Cost can vary depending on the same. 


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