Different types of Mattresses

A good night’s sleep is the best medicine to keep us happy and healthy. While quality of sleep is affected by a myriad of reasons, what can be taken care almost certainly is the quality of bed and mattress you sleep on. It is of great importance that we pay attention to the mattress we choose for ourselves and our family. 
While it comes to the choice of mattress, there is no one single choice that fits everyone’s requirements. Because each individual and their body’s are different. One common mistake that everyone makes is to select a mattress based on the material used in it. The science and technology behind mattress making has improved far beyond just the material. Today it depends on the materials combined, the technologies employed supported by strong market research and development play a big role in the quality of the mattress you buy. Please note that there no “Best” type of mattress universally. Therefore it is important to understand different types of mattresses and how they are made. As always, at Blucap Interiors, we are committed to our customers to bring in the latest and most authentic info regarding everything that is interiors. Let us learn about mattresses in this article.

Memory Foam Mattress
Memory foam mattresses belong to the luxury mattress segment. It is ideal for those who need pressure-relieving sleeping experience. It works perfectly well for those with average or healthy body weight. It conforms to the curves of your body while dispersing weight evenly over the surface. It provides pain relief for those who have achy joints or pain in the mornings from laying in one spot for too long. Memory foam is also a heat activated material which softens and counters in direct response to the body temperature memory foam mattress

Latex Foam Mattress
Latex is a 100% natural material. Hence Latex foam mattresses are the most eco-friendly mattress you can buy in the market. This is the longest lasting mattress type among all the different types.These mattresses are hypoallergenic and can repel dust, mites, mold and other factors. Give it sufficient care with occasional exposure to sunlight and brushing, and you have a long-lasting mattress with you. One of the most important attributes of latex foam mattress is that it is temperature neutral. unlike memory foam mattress, its temperature doesn’t change based on the body temperature or climatic conditions. Latex foam’s density is variable. Based on your personal requirement, you can choose it to be softer, bouncier or firmer to ensure maximum support. These mattresses are most commonly used in hotels and orthopaedic requirements. The only flip side of this mattress is that it can be on the costly side of the budget.
  latex foam mattress

Innerspring Mattress
Standard inner spring mattresses are made using a steel coil support system. They use springs that are connected to a single unit. More the number of springs, better the quality of your sleep will be. Though there have been great advancements in the making of mattresses, these innerspring mattresses are still very popular mainly because they are incredibly pocket friendly in comparison to others. However these mattresses tend to wear out faster and you might need to replace them more frequently. This is not advisable for those with back pains.
  inner spring mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket spring mattresses are innerspring mattresses with a contouring support function. They have individually isolated innerspring coils that are wrapped in a durable fibre pocket. They give excellent support unlike the innerspring mattresses especially for overweight and older people. Depending on the coil count, they can offer great levels of comfort and support. These are used in orthopaedic mattresses as well as they can offer excellent support and also can absorb pressure.  pocket spring mattress

Hybrid Mattress
Hybrid mattresses are developed to utilise the best qualities of different materials and technology available to create mattresses. Most options combine memory foam or latex technology with advanced innerspring mechanism to create a mattress with excellent support, durability and sleeping comfort. Hybrid mattresses have a traditional sleep shape where it gives a bit of bounciness along with the comfort that memory foam offers. Your bed also gets the hypoallergenic benefits as these are topped with foam. However these can become very expensive on the pocket.
hybrid mattress

Dual Comfort Mattress
Unlike hybrid mattresses, dual comfort mattresses needn’t always use innerspring. They are more commonly known for their multipurpose nature with one side softer than the other. Different combinations are possible. You can combine the foam one side with natural fibre coir on the other side. In summer months the coir side will keep you cool while in other months the foam will keep you warm. These are long-term mattresses. These may not give the level of plushness that memory foam or latex gives. However, these can be a very good option for those who have medical conditions.
 dual comfort mattress

PU Foam Mattress
PU Foam (Polyurethane Foam) is an affordable and light foam that gives great comfort and support layers. Similar in texture to memory foam, this has higher response rate, making it bouncier. The cell pore size in PU foam is more expansive than in memory foam which helps it control and regulate temperature better. Most importantly this is a lot more affordable and suitable for Indian climate. It is also light weight and hence works as an excellent option for hybrid mattresses in the comfort layer.
  PU foam mattress

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