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Different types of Lighting - Blucap Guide

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interiors of a home. However beautiful the interiors are done, if the lighting is not done right, the beauty can be lost completely. Similarly, even the moderately designed homes can look fabulous with thoughtful lighting. It therefore is extremely important to know how to illuminate your home in the right way with different types of light fixtures. Learn to blend function and aesthetics to lighten up your home. As always, at Blucap Interiors, we are committed to share knowledge with our customers so that you can make the right and informed decision for your beautiful homes. Our products are always crafted with our customers in mind. Here is a guide for you to learn the different types of lighting and light fixtures for your home.

Lighting Types
There are three different types of lighting - Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. 

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. It is the most common and popular type of lighting. Ambient lighting creates a soft glow throughout the home so that you have sufficient light throughout the home to move around as well as there are no glares. Ambient light is evenly lit across rooms which is a very important factor in lighting homes.

Ambient lighting is the base of all lightings. It doesn’t necessarily help you doing specific tasks. It makes sure you have sufficient light throughout the house to safely find your way around. It forms the base of lighting on which you can add additional lighting as you deem fit. Ambient light ensures free flow of movement within the home without any hindrances.  ambient lighting

Task Lighting
Ambient lighting creates the base of your lighting in your home. Once you have set that right and make sure you have sufficient lighting to move around your home comfortably, it is time to think of adding some lights so that you can focus on specific tasks as well. Task lighting is much smaller and more concentrated source of light which is focused on specific task areas in your home. These task areas can be your dinging table, Reading area, children’s study, home office etc.  task lighting

It is always a good idea to choose a task lighting which is in contrast to the ambient lighting. Task lighting works best when it is brighter than the ambient lighting. Essentially, it is always best to keep the ambient lighting soft and the task lightings brighter. This will help avoid glare and will be soothing in your eyes. 

Accent lighting
Accent lights are to draw peoples attention to specific areas of your home. When you really want people to notice a particular part of your home for its uniqueness, you use accent lighting. This could be a piece of art, an architectural speciality, a photograph, or a special piece of handicraft. By accent lighting, you weave a story around it and add drama to the scene. You can play with shadows and colours while doing the accent lighting bringing attention of your visitors to specialities of your home which otherwise could be missed. 

Accent lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors. When used outdoors, you can highlight areas of your home or garden which you have created in your own uniqueness. You create and focus importance to these specific areas and you are sure to draw a lot of attention from your guests! accent lighting

Different Types of Fixtures

Desk Lamp
Work from Home and Study from Home has become the norm these days! This doubles up the requirement for right lighting in your home office or study. It is of utmost importance to get the lighting right on your work / study table. It helps you focus on your work or study and produce desired results. Desk lamps are best suited for this task. These are generally easy to move around and focus where you want maximum illumination to do the work comfortably or to do the study. It is important to choose bright bulbs while selecting your desk lamps to keep the contrast right.  desk lamp

Table Lamp
Table lamps work as a source of light as well as a visual element in your home. It is important to choose table lamps based on the interior design elements of your home so that they blend in well. These can be functional as well especially while used in side tables in the bedrooms. While selecting, pay special attention to select table lamps that fit in snuggly on a table without taking up too much space. These work very well for lighting up a corner space or creating a beautiful reading space on a sofa next to a table. Most of the table lamps have the option of changing the shade. So while selecting, take special attention to select the base that will go along with the aesthetics of your home.  table lamp

Wall Lamp
Wall lamps are a perfect addition of light source to any room. Wall lighting is a great way to make a room more inviting and complete. This gives an extra layer to the ambient lighting. Wall lighting makes a room brighter and larger while combined with ambient lighting. Shades of the wall lamps are mostly created by glass. They give an added depth and dimension to the overall lighting in the house and convert a house into a home! wall lamp

Sconce is again a wall light fixture with a difference. Sconce is usually but not always directed upwards and outwards. It is one of the oldest forms of lighting which historically was used with candles and oil lamps. Modern fittings are most often called as wall lamps. Sconce stand out for their decorative outlook. These provide beautiful lighting across the houses. They are especially more beautiful when added to areas like hallways and corridors. These can be placed both interior and exterior walls of buildings.  sconce

Floor Lamp
Floor lamps add the decorative light element into your home. These add to the luxury of homes. They have a heavy base which give stability to their tall structures. They also can give additional lights especially behind your furnitures. They are great for mood lighting as well. They enhance the lighting of specific areas of your home.  floor lamp

In terms of general lighting, chandelier is one of the most beautiful and luxurious lighting fixture that you can have in your home. This is a statement piece or a piece of pride however you may look at it. this is not just another source of general lighting. Chandeliers are available in so many different sizes both in traditional style and modern style. You may choose according to the overall ambience of your home interiors. It is extremely important to select the right style of chandelier to make sure it blends in very well with the rest of the interior elements and help accentuate them.  chandelier light

Bathroom Vanity Lights
Often ignored, bathroom lighting is one of the most important lightings in a house. Whether you are doing your make up in the bathroom, doing a shave or just getting ready for the bed, you need ample lighting in the bathroom. Bathroom Vanity Lights do exactly that. They fill the room with good lighting so that you can easily see what you are doing. Vanity lights give even lighting in your bathroom illuminating your vanity and allowing you to see yourself clearly so that you can get ready comfortably whether you are a man or woman.  vanity lights

Mirror Lights
Mirror lights do similar function as the bathroom lights. However, mirror lights are focused on a specific area. These lights are mostly tilt-able so that you can use them while doing a close shave or for doing make up. There are also LED lights that come in-built in mirrors which can be a great way to light up the person standing in front.  mirror light2

Pendant Lights
Pendant lights are beautiful decorative lights that add glam to your home. Coming in various sizes and beautiful designs, these are attractive light fixtures. These are designed mostly to hang in a group or at rare occasions as individual lights. They are not as ornate as chandeliers. However they add a beauty and elegance to your homes. Pendants are generally used at foyers, on top of dining tables, on the sides of beds to mention a few. These lights can bring in sophistication and elegance to your home.  pendant lights

Recessed Lights
Recessed lights are mostly installed in homes where there is false ceiling. If planned well in advance, these light points can be planned during the construction stage as well as these are flush with the ceiling. 

Recessed lights are great for general lighting and mood lighting. There are lights available with colour changing options which can be utilised well to create mood lighting or general lighting based on the requirements.  recessed lights

Cove Lights
Cove lights are great for ambient lighting in homes. As the name mentions, these are strip lights hidden in a cove in false ceiling. These lights never hit the ground directly and hence create a bounced light effects which work perfectly well for ambient lighting. With remote controls, these strip lights can have multiple colour options to create mood lighting.  cove lights

Track Lights

Track lights are mostly used in commercial spaces. However they can add functionality to your homes too. It consists of a linear housing that holds multiple different heads that can be adjusted or moved to direct the lights wherever you want in the room. This is essentially used for accent lighting as these can be twisted and turned to direct the light to any spots that you want to highlight in the room. You can effectively use these to highlight photos, art pieces etc on the wall. It will be advisable to put a dimmer switch to these track lights so that you can control their intensity.  track lights

Under-Cabinet Lighting
When you are working in kitchen, it is important to make sure you have ample light. To work comfortably in the kitchen, proper lighting is essential. To ensure that you can easily find what you want and see what you are doing, we cannot depend only on the ceiling lights in kitchen. That is where under-cabinet lighting comes into place. This is a great way to illuminate the entire countertop which will make sure that you can comfortably see everything around and do what you want to do without any apprehensions.  under cabinet lights




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