Different types of Chimneys Hood all for your Modular Kitchen

The best addition to any modular kitchen is a modern kitchen chimney (or kitchen hood). It ventilates the entire cooking area by sucking polluted air, smoke, and greasy oil droplets that occur because of cooking leaving the indoor air breathable.

Kitchen chimneys can be primarily categorized as ducted and ductless (or recycling) chimneys. Both these types are available as wall-mounted, built-in, or island chimneys.

A ducted chimney pulls in the dirty air, traps the heavy particles of grease and spices in its filters while expelling the smoke, fumes, and odors from the kitchen via a PVC pipe. It costs more but is also more effective in clearing the air.

A recycling (ductless) chimney draws in the polluted air, absorbs the pollutants, and releases the clean, deodorized air back into the kitchen. It is considered less effective, as it returns the same air into the kitchen, and cannot remove heat and moisture.

Let’s take a tour of different chimney hoods for your modular kitchen:

Wall Mounted Chimney: A wall-mounted chimney is fixed on the wall just above the stove. It gives a modern look to the kitchen; the hood is available in a pyramidal shape or a sleek straight-line design. This design is pocket friendly.  It suits the Indian cooking style.

Island Chimney: They are a perfect choice for open or U shaped kitchens with a stove platform in the middle of the kitchen, away from the wall, island chimneys are hanging chimneys with lots of ducts and pipes required to exhaust smoke and fumes out  and the ducts are tucked away within a faux ceiling. These are overly expensive.

Here it is important that the chimney is exactly above the cooktop and is at least six inches wider than the cooktop so that kitchen fumes do not escape from the sides. Also note that a higher ceiling will require a longer chimney over the hood.

Tip: Installing an island chimney cannot be an afterthought. Make sure that the position of the hob and chimney are aligned before installing the faux ceiling and the electrical wiring.

Built-in chimney: Add class to your kitchen with this box-type chimney. Integrated inside kitchen cabinets against the wall, these are fitted according to its design so that all the extra parts of the chimneys are not visible. Extra woodworks has to be done for its installation. Also known as an integrated chimney, this one’s hidden under the kitchen cabinet and blends itself with the layout. They are fitted right into or under cabinets and blend with the tapestry of the kitchen. All extra components of this chimney remain and give the space a seamless look. This chimney drastically reduces fumes and dusty particles apart from being less noisy while cooking. If you have less space under your cabinets, you can opt for this kitchen chimney design. Its sleek design thanks to its box-type shape, stainless steel body and baffle filter give it a complete look that’s attention-worthy.

This type of chimney is quite expensive and perfect for design-savvy folk looking to make maximum use of the limited space available. Pair it with elegant white kitchen drawers and a grainy-patterned marble kitchen countertop to complete the look.

A Straight-Line Chimney: This straight-line kitchen chimney is the go-to option for homeowners with small-sized kitchens. straight hoods chimney which can be easily fitted below the cabinet or where there is a space constraint.  Its design is such that it extends only halfway over the stove, leaves plenty of overhead space to store other essentials. It comes with aluminum filters and a push-button mechanisms run at a three-speed powerful extraction mechanism that draws out heat and oiliness from all corners of the kitchen resulting in higher performance and increased durability.

Corner chimney: Corner chimneys are placed at the corner area of the kitchen. Located just above the stove cooking top against the wall this corner chimney will help you utilize often-overlooked kitchen corners effectively. They are compact and do not take up much space. It adds a distinct look to that corner while giving a sense of not being there at all. This one is perfect for natural-looking kitchen cabinets and other appliances.

A Curved Glass Chimney: Satisfy the designer within you with this curved glass chimney made with stainless steel. It enhances the overall vibe of this kitchen and creates visual drama too. Complement it with grey granite kitchen drawers/cupboards and light brown granite flooring for a welcoming vibe. The inbuilt push-button control allows for easy access, efficient and hassle-free meal preparation time as filters odors away and brings down the temperature.

Tip for a savvy look in the kitchen: 
Kitchen chimneys are manufactured in stainless steel and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. For a stylish look, opt for chimneys with a combination of glass and stainless steel ; such chimneys effortlessly enhance the overall look of the kitchen and become a focal point.

Article Courtesy: Houzz; Wikipedia

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