10 Popular Color Combinations For Your Kitchen

Dove and white
Classic white kitchen cabinets will always be in style, gray cabinets will pair just as easily with a variety of shades and tones. Pair with metallic cabinet hardware in either a polished or antique finish, or pair with a creative backsplash in bright colors or a classic subway tile. Paint walls in shades of gray to add a contrast that is never overwhelming or cloying. Pair with marble countertops or wood finishes ranging from dark to light, then adding in a colorful appliance or an appliance trimmed in sophisticated metallics. With all the shades of gray available for your kitchen, gray can work for any space.

dove and white

Dove gray is on the lighter end of the gray spectrum, resembling a foggy morning sky or  the delicate wings of a dove. This gray compliments both light and dark colors, making it an easy transitional shade if you want a light and airy kitchen that isn't overwhelmingly white Like dark and mysterious smoke, charcoal gray is the perfect shade for those who want the moodiness of black with just a touch of cloudiness. Charcoal gray sets an easy design canvas in your kitchen, pairing well with both colorful and neutral tones. Pair charcoal gray with seafoam green, orange, navy blue, or sky blue for a pop of color and contrast that is both elegant and unique.

Sapphire Blue

For a touch of the moody blues, Blue-Gray is a colorful compromise that will satisfy even the most neutral of palettes. Blue-gray looks particularly elegant when painted on kitchen cabinets and paired with metallic accents in tones like nickel or gold. Pair with a complex floor tile in either light or dark colors or pair with a classic hardwood floor. This moody shade of gray creates a cooling haven that feels like a stormy morning on the coast. Blue makes it easy for even the most astute color minimalists to see its appeal of and it can work wonders for cookie cutter kitchens or areas that are feeling dull. Of course, like with any hue, there are nearly just as many ways you can incorporate it into your space as there are shades of the color. Tastemakers and those with a penchant for all-things bold will appreciate layers of floor-to-ceiling color, but if you're a little more non-committal when it comes to adding a splash of cornflower blue, try working it in to just your island for a pop that won't feel overbearing.
sapphire blue
Scandi-chic is usually synonymous with the world's lightest colors. But this kitchen and its stunning blue cabinets dance to a different tune when it comes to representing that Nordic or Danish twist. The blue and wood serve as a high contrast color palette without needing to resort to the eternally classic (but often overdone) black and white, and the powerful, rounded edges and clean lines bring it back to a very hygge-friendly space.

Emerald Green
For a shade of gray that brings in the tones of nature, green-gray is a nuanced compromise for those who like just a hint of color in a mostly neutral shade. Green-gray creates a calming atmosphere in your kitchen, especially when paired with coordinating tones like white, tan, dove gray, or brown. Green is definitely having a moment right now. From hunter to olive, green is gaining popularity in every room in the house—but we can't get enough of it in the kitchen. A color that embodies renewal, rejuvenation, and energy, green is more than a passing trend. While it lends a modern feel to the kitchen, it can also feel equally traditional and classic.

  Emerald Green

The popular green and white combination with bright green kitchen walls and plain white kitchen cabinets. When it comes to decorating, green is one of the most popular colours as it is the easiest on the eye.

Ruby red
Red is a signal color, with a strong personality and attraction potential. Red is also thought to stimulate hunger — which is why those very stylish restaurants that wow us with their stunning decor use these simple rules of color psychology in their design. Many of us love red and want to take this passionate color into our home design, but its strong and agitating nature makes it rather unsuitable for our bedroom or study rooms. 
Ruby red
Today however, we welcome red into the kitchen for some cooking with attitude. Hot reds and cool greys tempered with loads of white makes a classy kitchen that’s definitely not boring. If you can picture the room after removing the reds, you’ll notice that the space would indeed look nondescript. It’s the red that brings in the movement and excitement. This bright orangey red will put a smile on anyone’s face at the end of a long day. However, it doesn’t stop there – for a small space, its hard working, practical and functional. The dove gray walls offer a calming contrast to the glossy red cabinets.

Beige kitchens tend to look more inviting because of the warm tones in the color. The additional pigment also makes dirt less visible on its surface, so it’s also advantageous for ease of maintenance. Beige kitchens also look good paired with wood as it enhances and complements the warm tones of the wood. Beige is a light, neutral color, it easily goes well with any color your pair it with, especially those with warmer undertones, such as browns/wood finishes, and other earthy colors, so there’s quite a lot of colors you can choose for your walls, floors and kitchens. White walls combined with beige kitchen cabinets typically look great, as it emphasizes a subtle contrast between the two colors, and at the same time, keeps the ambiance bright. Shades of gray would also work well with beige kitchen cabinets, especially the warmer-toned grays, and will yield a more contemporary look.

The array of possible beige kitchen ideas and color schemes you can create are endless – as beige is a neutral color, you will find that it looks good with most of the colors, whether cool or warm!That perfect shade of gray and beige. The marriage of these two neutral colors is welcomed with open arms in the world of kitchen design. Greige creates the perfect canvas for a variety of colors and patterns or looks elegant on its own when coordinated with neutral tones.

Wooden grains
A transitional kitchen with medium tone wood floor looks great with its brown cabinets. It is also nice that there is a contrast between the dark cabinets and the light counter backsplash. Instead of a plain brown cabinet, this one has some creative painting on it which makes it appear like it has some sort of texture. Overall, this narrow kitchen looks sophisticated! Kitchen that catches our eye is the exposed upper shelving. The rustic reclaimed wood look is perfect for channelling a modern farmhouse vibe, and the grey works well with the wood accents.The brown cabinets look great with the beige backsplash and stainless steel appliances.
Wooden grains

Amber Yellow
Yellow is one of those hues that seems to capture the joyful bliss of summer to perfection, and this is especially true if you add a light, mellow shade or even a cool pastel yellow backdrop to the kitchen. The farmhouse-style kitchen below combines this bright yellow magic with a dark gray backsplash and countertops to craft a captivating and relaxing kitchen. The flood of natural light helps add to the cheery ambiance.


Few colors out there bring that perfect balance between sophistication and eye-catching elegance like gray and yellow. A combination that is quickly catching on across the globe largely because of the new-found love for gray in the last few years, it is still a novelty when it comes to the contemporary kitchen. While gorgeous gray and yellow bedrooms and stylish living rooms with this classy color duo are far easier to find, kitchens still seem to be largely stuck in the ‘white along with bright color’ mode!

When bold red meets joyful yellow, we’re left with a color that is extremely versatile and constantly chic—orange. The color orange represents success, happiness, and health, and it is known to promote emotional energy and general wellness. Whether you are planning to go all natural with terracotta or even go bold with citrus, orange will be your kitchen’s closest friend.
Tangerine and black

Orange kitchen colors are a fantastic tool for creating optimistic, modern, and bright home design and decorating. Orange color schemes are dramatic and warm. Contemporary kitchen style and orange kitchen accessories are amazing, exciting, and unique options to offer kitchen interiors a unique appearance and extraordinary feel. White and gray could certainly help tame bold shades of orange while dark plum is a chic and sophisticated accent.

Mono chrome kitchen
Monochrome is the classic combination of black and white, timeless because of its striking contrast and effortless style. This popular colour pairing has graced the catwalks and featured in wider home trends for many years, but this year we see the rise of monochrome in kitchens. As a result of its timeless appeal, monochrome can work for both modern and traditional homes. When you’re designing your monochrome kitchen, be sure to choose your prominent colour, rather than an equal balance, to avoid an obvious chequer board feel.
Mono chrome kitchen

Achromatic kitchen cabinets are very popular, providing simple and neutral palettes to respond to. These are typically combined with a more textured countertop or backsplash. Exploring achromatic kitchens, we’ve drawn together a collection of white kitchen cabinets. Characterized by clean lines and ample brightness, these are often combined with materials like wood or steel. Together, the designs create inviting spaces to cook, dine and create.

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