Chinese Interior Design Trends

Keeping your space uncluttered is a signature of Chinese custom.A Chinese-style interior rarely cluttered and includes a commitment to natural materials.The belief is by bringing nature into our homes; it helps us to let go of the stress of everyday life, whether this is wooden furniture, natural fibre carpeting, or using bamboo and floral symbolism.
Chinese Interior
Three Key Points to Remember When Decorating

• Order and Flow: Establish a calm interior and plan a clear path to move around the room easily. Find a balance and enjoy your harmony.
• Colour Play: Rich colour is another important facet of traditional Chinese interior design. When an abundance of red, ebony, and gold are united, it creates a strong sense of oriental design within your space.
• Decorative Elements: Chinese design subtly embraces decorative forms. To truly develop a Chinese-inspired scheme, add pieces with carvings such as furniture or lamps, seek out intricate latticework, and finish with key impactful accessories like sculpture, bonsai, or fabrics.
Chinese Interior 1

Chinese Culture and Traditional Decorating Interior

China has a long and interesting history, and in all ages the Chinese decorating is connected with its culture that is to be harmonious with nature. Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures. Many villas, great houses, and even office buildings are now designed in Chinese style, as more and more people are interested in Chinese culture and want to know the traditional way of life in China. What words can describe the traditional Chinese style interior design? Luxury, classic, peaceful, elegant and simple, these are the words that can come to your mind thinking of Chinese cultural interior.

Chinese Interior Basic Principles

One of the most basic principles in Chinese interior design is simplicity. For them, a room should not be filled with all sorts of common décor. What is important is the proper placement of a few valuable and beautiful objects in a room to achieve optimal effects. The design in Chinese culture is something exotic and emitted something spiritual even magic with room layout, furniture, and color scheme. Modern Chinese designs are evolving and these images are beautiful, because they strike a fine balance by combining tradition and contemporary designs. Chinese interior design is an art of combining simplicity, contemporary, modern, nature and power to make an environment of harmony and serenity, using colorful fabrics of upholstery for home décor. Bright, vivid colors are used in style decorating, with red, gold and black being dominant.
Chinese Interior 2

The main basics of Chinese Interior design

Simplicity is considered to be the principle number one. The abundance of things is never appraised.It is better to use several beautiful things for decorating of the room than to display everything you have. Each part of the interior has some spiritual content, which is easily perceptible, and that is another important basic.
Chinese Culture and Traditional Decorating Interior  

The combination of traditional elements and modernity always produces interesting effects.The Chinese design is a mixture of ancient and new, nature and technology, proven materials and new ones managing to create the harmonious effect from this abundance.Red, gold and black colors continue their dominant position but allowing bright colors to get some place in decorating. A dragon, the symbol of China, preserved its leading positions.

Apartment decorating ideas in a Chinese interior design style

Some people are busy looking for an appropriate apartment decorating ideas to their residential. The simple decor ideas in a Chinese interior below might be a good reference for people who still finding the right ones! You can see the vintage decor style with the abstract line that makes it looks more aesthetic. Besides that, the perfect lighting set also supports the decor.
Chinese style interior
The traditional pattern on the wall and the floor describes the traditional style from the Chinese ethnic. Especially, it gives the artistic value for the room. If you have more interest in the art, you will be better to apply it in your dwelling.
This concept also identic with the wooden material that used in some important part. You can see the sofa, table, rug, and the bookshelf that was made of the wood material. It supports this concept strongly. But, if you want to make it more stylish, you will be better use the other material that simple and modern.

Bedroom Chinese Interior

Red color is a symbol of fortune and prosperity in China and it is picked for the bedroom designs. Having these Chinese designs will enhance the beauty of Asia in your bedroom. It is like entering peaceful gateway for the best relaxation, making the bedroom, combining between luxury, tradition and modern looks.This beautiful apartment interior design that influence by the Chinese interior style also provides the comfortable bedroom design. You can see the room with the Asian decor that looks so cozy. The unique decor also comes from the accent behind the bedframe. It made from the wood and mirror. That successfully makes the room looks more spacious and interesting.
Bedroom Chinese Interior
Chinese design shuns away from clutter in favor of accenting the living space with carefully chosen pieces, each adding its own specific value. With that said, however, Chinese decorating is often much more lavish than what you will find in the minimalist Japanese design.
With its perfectly balanced yet complex beauty, is typically made up of vibrantly colored patterns and textured objects set against darkly wooded furniture. Ivory carved figurines, porcelain vases, lacquered fixtures, bamboo, scenic tapestry and wall hangings, all serve to set a mystic and harmonious environment.

Living Room Chinese Interior
Chinese people like to invite friends to their homes and most are of a big family. So the living room is the most important place.The living room reflects the Chinese’s way of life. Luxury living is being redefined and emphasis is being placed on comfortable living, without compromising the style. The sofa is of solid wood and delicately sculptured by hand. The paintings and calligraphies are necessities in the living room.

Reading Corner in Home

If you love to read, then the Chinese style study room will offer you a perfect reading corner and environment. The study room is a special place in the traditional Chinese style homes. Beside of the solid wood floor board, other decorating elements include the reading desk, reading chair and bookcase. Anyone who has such a room will be eager to go back home after a busy day to enjoy a peaceful and happy private time.
Reading Corner in Home 1
Chinese style interior design can be an inspiration for you, creating balance and harmony in home surrounding.
The modern interior design with the traditional Chinese style come from Pacific Northwest design and craftsmanship, including the furnishing and arts. The interior is warm with a lot of soft colors and natural materials. The large and high glass window allows the South China Sea Island to be seen clearly.


The furniture is kind of Chinese furniture with a lot of wooden types of furniture like chairs, cabinet, and table.The modern interior design is shown with the leather sofa and warm rug. As mentioned above, lacquer is a key component in the Chinese design, especially when it comes to furniture. With wood treated to a dark brown or black glossy finish, this furniture is usually made from rosewood, elm, walnut, cedar or mahogany, with hand painted or carved scenery, mother of pearl inlays, or gold leaf overlay.
Furniture chinese style
Traditional Chinese furniture includes such pieces as two door storage cabinets and end tables (often depicting scenes of landscape or calligraphy on the doors), ornamented black stools (for seating or placing potted plants), a medicine chest (with its many drawers to historically store healing roots and herbs), a Tansu chest (which has a stair step configuration), and decorated wooden trunks or small boxes.

laquered chinese furniture
Lacquered furniture and artwork are other favorites found in Asian homes.With several coats of lacquer applied to these objects, a hardened high-gloss finish results which serves to both preserve and beautify the object which has been treated. Examples of items that are commonly lacquered include folding screens, tables, cabinetry, chairs and artwork.


The Chinese style inside this modern interior design also comes in some beautiful arts like this awesome one.There is also an abstract art in the office room, made in a beautiful frame in the middle between two wooden bookshelves.Chinese decorating is composed of objects made from a variety of different materials, including stone, ivory, jade and porcelain. Frogs, elephants, pigs, snakes, deer, fish and dragons are leading examples of animals used in the feng shui motif, as are figurines representing the omnipresent Laughing Buddha.
chinese design


Chinese fabric plays an important part to the overall look in this theme.Colorful materials with intricate designs add splashes of accent anywhere in the room where it may be needed, adding a luxurious element to the interior.The elaborate patterns, colors and settings found on oriental rugs and carpets are yet another testament to the creative means by which the Chinese have accented their living spaces since ancient times.
Chinese fabric
With sceneries embroidered of peaceful meadows, mystical creatures, birds flying overhead, a dragon keeping a watchful eye over the room’s inhabitants, or a complex maze of geometric lines and shapes, these fabrics (which are usually silk or satin) are used on such items as pillows, cushions, wall hangings, table runners, bed spreads, robes, chairs and curtains, and offer a virtually limitless variety to choose from.


There are some modern teak and bronze chairs inspired by traditional Chinese Designs.The chair has an awesome traditional curve at the back side, giving a proper support for everyone who sits on it. Chinese design splendidly displays many beautiful colors, patterns and textures throughout the entire home. From babbling stone fountains, to Chinese wall decor, to scented oil lamps and exotic artwork, all of your senses are tantalized in this theme.
traditional Chinese Designs


The modern interior with its traditional Chinese style in this villa is also supported by some materials for furniture and architecture.The architect uses a simple palette, glass, limestone, wood, steel and also concrete to create good detail and provide the best visual counterpoint.
Materials chinese


As with Japanese design, Chinese decorating also utilizes lanterns to define ambience. Lanterns are especially prevalent during festivals, weddings and other ceremonies, but also serve in the home as decorative fixtures just as any of the other pieces on display. Red lanterns, often adorned with black calligraphy and tassels, such as the one below, typically denote celebratory or festive occasions.
living chinese
Table lanterns are another popular form of lighting, with exteriors made of glass, rice paper, or silk, and often depict themes that the Chinese celebrate, such as harmony, love, happiness and health. Hand painted lamps with porcelain, carved wood, or lacquered black bases and plain off-white shades also work very nicely.

Chinese Decorating, Colors & Textures

Negative colors, conversely, which are generally avoided in Chinese design are black, representing bad luck and suffering, and white, which is associated with death. As you can see in the picture above, the Chinese style is a highly lavish and beautifully ornate combination of color, symmetry and design, highlighting the positive while downplaying the negative.
Chinese style decor
Moving into textures, bamboo is a common element found throughout many Asian dwellings. With its durability and flexibility, bamboo is an ideal material for crafting both indoor and outdoor furniture and various other fixtures in and around the house. he abundance and variety within the bamboo family makes it very affordable, and offers an almost endless selection in terms of color, thickness and flexibility. In addition to furniture, other smaller purposes that bamboo is used for around the home, include cooking and eating utensils, tools and picture frames.
Ceramics chinese
Ceramics, which are crafted from highly refined clay and superheated to a smooth glossy finish, are mostly found in Chinese decor in the form of vases, statues and pottery. White porcelain, which can have a variety of other pigments glazed into it, is the highest quality of ceramics and thus the most sought after today.

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