Chinese Interior Design

Chinese Interior Design draws its influence from thousands of years of Chinese culture and decorating.There is tremendous talent in the Chinese interior designers.Chinese design style is noted for its Zen-like aesthetic and simplicity.It is about clean lines and character of shape. Spaces designed in Chinese style are often serene and peaceful.There is a visual flow that is welcoming and relaxing.
Chinese Interior Design

In this article, our designers would like to share with you a few interesting tips about Chinese interior style:

  • Their interior designs traditionally include use a bold fusion of black, glossy lacquer accented with gold and/or red, Red color is more usage of many Chinese interiors but not a necessary ingredient in every one, for the Chinese lighting style you can use Paper lanterns that produce warm lighting, which is made from rice papers and wood.
  • The style features clean straight lines like Japanese designs. The decor generally features bamboo, black or red lacquer finishes, or gold accents.
  • You can accessorize with oriental vases or tea lights on the coffee table or along shelves. Shoji screen dividers can also be utilized to divide rooms.
  • And about the furniture shapes consist of very straight lines and sometimes are accented with intricate designs.
  • Not all Chinese interior design is about bold red and black lacquer furniture. The general principle of a harmonious living environment is the key to what makes these spaces successful, Fine accessories, a great management of space and unique interior that makes Chinese designs special.

Chinese Interior Design 1
A little birdie comes to us from China, showcasing the brilliance that exists in the Chinese interior design industry. Modern Chinese interior designs are evolving and these images are beautiful, because they strike a fine balance by combining tradition and contemporary designs.
Luxury living is being redefined and emphasis is being laid on comfortable living, without compromising on style. These pictures spell sheer style, sophistication and brilliance of design while being modest in their color codes.
Chinese Interior Design 2

Chinese decor and architecture are many things: sometimes humble and sometimes opulent, exciting or subdued, colorful and textural, and always thoughtful. This region's trends have changed throughout history but there's always room to re-explore the aesthetics of times past. This post looks at two modern Chinese home designs that take cues from traditional styles, blending old and new in a beautiful and refreshing way. Both homes are the work of designers based in China for new projects in the area. If you're looking to introduce Asian decor in your own home, this pair of lovely interiors is sure to inspire.
chinese living room decor
The Chinese interior design style is as rich as the country’s inspiring culture. From sleek surfaces of dark, lacquered woods, dimly lit, decorative lanterns, to meticulously latticework furniture and screens, there are plenty of incredible details where you can play from.
Curiously, the Japanese and Chinese interior design elements commonly merge; the delicate nature of traditional Japanese design offsetting the archetypal boldness of the Chinese aesthetic narrative.The principal factor is these types of interior design spaces are filled with a sense of harmony, fine decoration and craft, and management of color and space. Looking for the ultimate interior design inspirations but don’t know where to start? Well, get ready because today we are going to tell you everything about this incredible look!

#1 Exotic and Magical Wallpaper Choices

Exotic and magical, the iconic Chinoiserie wallpapers were (and are until this day) often painted by hand using lustrous hues and fastidious detailing. Although not traditional to Chinese interior design, this unique design element flourished in the 18th century and became more widespread in the 19th.
wallpaper chinese

#2 Folding Screens

The incredible folding screens is a unique element that can be added to the interior design project only for style or with a defined purpose. Chinese interior design uses this kind of screens, as well as folding screens, adorned with incredibly detailed murals, often mythological or historical in theme.
Folding Screens

#3 The Lacquer Craft

Lacquer techniques are one of the most iconic elements in the Chinese interior design style and were made ever more popular during the Ming Dynasty. It’s a skill that’s over 1400 years old and takes a huge amount of time and discipline. On elaborately decorated luxury furniture, the makers would build up layers of different lacquers to carve into and create impeccably artistic scenes.
Lacquer Craft

#4 Latticework Details

Thanks to respect for detail, precision, and decoration, latticework is considered to be one of the most important elements in Chinese interior design. Lattices can be seen on anything from cabinet doors, as you can see in the Brando sideboard by Essential Home, to shutters. In screens, they also add an element of privacy and seclusion.
Latticework partition

#5 Bamboo Inspirations
This type of wood is not only known for being a food staple to China’s national treasure, but also its symbol of virtue. It’s upheld as a symbol of traditional Chinese values and the potential harmony between mankind and nature. These deep meanings are what makes bamboo so respected and wanted to inspire Chinese interior design projects!
Bamboo Inspirations

The Oriental, or Asian design found the widest expression in China or Japan design. However, it borrowed some peculiarities from styles of other eastern countries.
The most typical features of this design include a sleek surface of furniture, allusions to nature and shimmering colors of Chinese lanterns, which all together help to produce an effect of Zen piece of mind. Oriental style is inseparably connected with historical and cultural events.

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