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Breakfast counters for kitchen Breakfast counters for kitchen

Breakfast countertop incorporated in kitchen

Breakfast bars are extended worktops used in kitchen designs that create a casual dining and seating area - usually the perfect place to have breakfast in your home.

The basic idea of the modern home is to unite every small detail according to the taste of one who lives in it. One interesting and popular supplement which is becoming more demanding in recent times is the breakfast bar. A beautiful breakfast bar is another necessary part of your dream home. Beside its functional features it also have amazing aesthetic features. It fits very well in every kind of kitchen whether it is open or closed. Usually the newest kitchen designs are made with breakfast bar, but everything depend on your needs and desirable kind of kitchen. A well-planned breakfast bar is also important. It can cleverly act as a divider in open plan spaces between living and cooking areas A kitchen breakfast bar or larger island can work as a dining area and clever place for storage.

Breakfast bars are flexible by nature – there are so many design possibilities that they can fit into almost any space. Whatever size, shape or layout you're working with, there’s a kitchen breakfast bar for you.

Breakfast bar styles

Kitchen Island

An island in the middle of a large kitchen can break up the floor space. Installation of a breakfast bar worktop can create more countertop and cupboard space or another way which is the most common approach -  use half the kitchen island as a work surface and the other as a breakfast bar surface. For the two areas two different worktop materials can be used, or a separation can be done by elevating the counter slightly above the island surface.

U-shaped kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen has one open side, for placing a set of stools along the outside of the counter to create an instant breakfast bar with no renovation work required. To give a more styled look to your worktop counter, overhang the unit to create the feel of a table; it would also give the diners a bit more legroom as they’ll be sit slightly away from the unit.


A lot of extra space is not required for a functioning breakfast bar. The countertop can be extended beyond the cabinet, to create a small ledge that should be big enough to accommodate at least two bar stools. It would also help to separate the kitchen in an open plan living space, which is usually on the top of an interior design list. 

Wall-mounted table

A great idea for a galley kitchen is to have a wall-mounted table, which lets you squeeze a small counter top space even with the narrowest space. A small square or semi-circular table with curved edges will fill an otherwise wasted gap at the back or front of your kitchen, or you could replace part of one side of the galley with a long, slim bar.

Floating bar

If you are planning for an open floor plan, install a floating peninsula that extends from one of your kitchen units. The absence of a base unit helps to maintain a flow through your room, it is beneficial if you have a small kitchen or the island is close to a key walkway.

Breakfast bar counters - Materials

The breakfast bar is likely to be the busiest focal point of your day-to-day kitchen life, so you want a material that is both durable and attractive, without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Laminate counters

Laminate has long been a popular choice for breakfast counters, as it’s adaptable, easy to clean, and affordable. It can mimic other materials and is available in a range of colours, which makes it a great choice for a statement breakfast bar at a low price. Laminate can be easily stained or scratched, but as long as you keep your cooking separate from this area, it shouldn’t be hard to avoid damage.

Hardwood counters

A wooden counter gives the feel of a ‘butcher’s block’, perfect for contemporary country and farmhouse kitchens. Hardwood gives an immediate homey feel and is particularly impactful paired with white units. Wooden counters do need regular oiling to stay looking their best and can acquire noticeable water ring marks.

Quartz counters

Quartz is a slight upgrade from laminate, with a beautiful finish and solid feel that give it a more luxurious feel. Available in a huge range of colours and textures, quartz is a flexible material to suit all kitchen styles. Quartz is almost completely stain and scratch resistant, so it can be depended on to weather all the spills of everyday dining, from spaghetti to red wine!

Glass counters

Glass is the ultimate statement material for modern kitchens. It’s easy to clean and can be cut to the exact shape you need, which is useful for bespoke breakfast bar needs. Glass counters are expensive, so if you’re looking for a statement glass feature that won’t break the bank, a smaller option could be the perfect solution.

However bear in mind that glass can crack under pressure or impact, so be sure to position your glass breakfast bar where the corners won’t protrude or be knocked.

Breakfast bar lighting

Lighting for breakfast bar gives it the final finishes that it requires! The stylish lights will grab one’s attention to the breakfast bar, as well as add a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Here are a few of favourite lighting ideas.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are the most popular lighting for breakfast bars, particularly due to their lengthways arrangement that so often echoes the shape of a counter. They not only illuminate the bar, but reflect light around the rest of the kitchen.

As there are quite a number of options available in pendant, therefore one needs to be clear about one’s choice - clear or coloured pendants; clear lights are stylish without distracting attention from the bar itself, but coloured pendants can be a fun way to introduce accents of colour if you have a neutral decor scheme.


Ceiling spotlights are ideal for kitchens with low ceilings, where hanging lights may sit too low and feel oppressive overhead. Spotlights keep the bar bright, and are particularly effective in modern kitchens with reflective worktops like glass.

Under glass lighting

A truly show-stopping idea for a glass breakfast bar is to install LED lights underneath the glass, lighting the table from beneath for a cutting edge, modern look. This can also work with solid materials if your breakfast bar has an overhang where you can place LEDs right along the edge on the counter underside.

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