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Get the Theaters to your home - 8 Inspiring Home Theater Designs

Entertainment is a must for every human being on earth. And in India, entertainment more or less  means spending time with family, watching TV shows. Though other indoor entertainments have started to gain momentum, enjoying TV or any other visual media remains one of the most popular ones. No wonder, the extent of our inclination to cinema theaters is greater than in many other countries. But with lives getting more hectic by each passing day, we find it hard to take out time to travel to a good cinema theater to enjoy a movie. Well, if you are ready for a one time investment, why not think of a home theater instead! Home theaters  mimic the experience in a commercial cinema theaters (or in some cases even exceed the feel). If we are to count the upsides, there are plenty. Firstly and most importantly, you are at home, enjoying the ambiance of a cinema theater. Secondly, there is no time schedule you have to follow. And thirdly, well, the list goes on. Along with a home theater set, you need to spruce up the room to get that theater right at your home. Following are some of the coolest home theater designs to emulate at your home. Home theaters can be a part of your living room or a separate entertainment room like this. Since we are designing a theater at home, we get the flexibility to furnish the room with variegated furniture.

Here the room has a theater bed couch and plush recliner sofa, giving you a comfortable and luxurious experience. To make the room look more interesting, the colourful walls are adorned with black and white images of celebrities. Warm lights and false ceiling give an engaging look to the interiors.

This house has gone lavish with the entertainment/home theater area. To avoid a congested look of  an actual cinema theater, the furniture is kept sleek and low. A simple addition of an area rug has given a crisp detailing to the room which matches well with the dark wooden floors.

A simple yet functional home theater design. With colours kept neutral, the space flaunts a sober look. Focusing mainly on the functionalities, the  room gets a highlight with flashing neon lights.

Home Theatre Design

A basement has been put to, probably the best use, by creating a home theater. Since the availability of light is usually low, sufficient recess lights have been provided. To give the perfect feeling of a cinema theater, the seats are arranged at different heights to enable a comfortable watch. With a bar counter at the back of the seats, this home theater has outdone the commercial theaters in comfort and luxury.

The striking element indeed is the lighting here. With two large bed couches and 4 giant recliner sofas at the back, you can play the perfect host without thinking twice for an evening extravaganza.

Design Home Theatre

To make it more homely, this home theater has been planned within the living room. A large screen and a good amount of furniture (in a sufficiently large room) is all you need to create such a simple home theater.

Small Home Theater Design

Commercial theaters should take a tip or two from the above home theater. A large curved sofa is arranged in front of a sufficiently large screen, making it possible for people to have a chat while enjoying the show.

Home Theater Design Tips

The room has been converted into a wholesome theater space. With multiple layers of furniture, the space gives the family the freedom to carry out their respective works while watching their show. Home theaters will never be an overboard investment. After all, enjoying a TV session with your family members, with the ambiance of theaters and comfort of your home, is indeed priceless.

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