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Best Five Fall Home Decor Items

Allowing for seasonal changes means your home will always be fresh, appropriate and comfortable. 

The best interior designers know that creating a basic pallet of design will ultimately give you the most flexibility. Invest in well-crafted furniture and fixtures, while leaving room for seasonal changes. Your home will always be fresh, appropriate and comfortable. 

Here are five new home trends that can be swapped in this fall. 


Throw pillows can add color, dimension and even shape to a room. While tone and pattern changes can make a difference, experiment with changes in sizes, shapes and number of pillows. The budget conscious can makes thing even more inexpensive by crafting custom pillow covers in their favorite seasonal fabrics. Hot styles for fall 2017 pillows include global prints, zigzag stripes, or chevrons in or against navy or rich chocolate brown, and pumpkin everything. 

Art and Decorative Accessories

Believe it or not, pink is a hot accessory color for fall. The bold, bright pink we have been seeing on trend this fall is hopeful and cheerful, something uplifting that can take us into the dark of winter. Incorporate a single small accent wall or choose a pop piece of art. Both would go well with the chocolate brown pillows mentioned earlier. New pink decorative accessories can spice up your ordinary home décor.


For bedding this fall, cozy is the key. Soft, plush fabrics, warm fuzzy blankets and solid traditional fall colors are popular. The black and white look for bedding, high in contrast, shifts to dark navy and creme for fall. 


Neutral curtains are recommended, so they may be used year after year. Still, the gauzy or light curtains and window treatments of summer should now be swapped out for heavier drapes or shades with draft blocking features. 


Floor rugs can redefine the space in a room, allowing for clearly defined zones. When fall comes around, rugs can insulate the floors from cooling temperatures. For fall, neutral colors, especially grays and taupes are on trend, either solid or with patterned and textured loops. Rugs can stand alone or make your other accessories pop. Muted teals and blues, especially dark navy are also in style and act as a foil to brighter colors. 

These tips will help you adjust your home décor to make sure your house is always in style.

Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas