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Black Color for home Interiors

Black walls are not what one would call a common interior design choice, especially when speaking of bedrooms, living rooms, or even powder rooms. When discussing black paint for walls, we’re not referring to brownish black such as chocolate or bistre, or maybe grayish nuances such as arsenic and charcoal. Our black wall paint ideas were not related even to wine and rosewood red. Just few years ago, people would immediately refuse dark and moody nuances and painting solutions for their walls, but that’s no longer the case. Black accent walls are becoming a popular trend in interior design, and some people even choose to use them all around their apartments.

Black walls in bedrooms, for instance, require extra access to natural light, as they absorb it rather than reflecting it as their white counterparts would. decorative overhead lamps and sconces with high wattage, accompanied by compulsory dimmers that will ensure a suitable mood at any moment of the day.

Black interiors lighting


When it comes to painting black walls in living rooms, we suggest implementing dark details, as these can make the black room feel and look ultra-sophisticated, effective, and neatly finished. Replacing light and visible outlets and switches with dark-finished ones, because in all other cases they will look distractive and decreases the elegance of the black setting. matte finishes are more damage-prone, and will resemble scuff marks and fingerprints as chalky and unpleasant residue. A much better alternative is eggshell sheen (a semi-gloss finish alike satin), as it retains the richness of the color, and it is more sustainable at the same time. Using black paint to give your interior the ‘wow’ factor

These are the main considerations you should keep in mind when painting your walls black:

  • Choose the sheen with care – Black is, as artists like to put it, a rigidly unforgiving color. Even those who own black phones and cars are aware of this problem, and try desperately to protect their widgets from smudge, pine, and ding. Why would walls be any different? If you want a safer, friendlier, and highly covering finish, choose high-gloss paint, and a smooth coating to cover it.
  • Preserve the variety – The last thing you want is to turn your home into a completely black box. In order to avoid this, you should paint at least one wall with a lighter, accent color, or apply it on the trim to give the black theme a relief. The ceiling should be lighter too, especially if you apply it with gradual transition that makes the room look taller and more beautiful.
  • Decorate – Black settings deserve reflective and bright decorations, as those look just magnificent applied on dark walls. Art deco fans, for instance, can implement crispy white pieces or beautiful oil artwork to break down the monotony, and create a place both you and your friends will love.
  • Pay special attention to lighting – With black walls in place, you must retain full control over your lighting. We recommend track lighting, as it will adjust easily to darker parts of the room, and shed some beautiful shine on your black walls.

black bedroom

Despite of what you’ve been told, black is a very prompt and suitable alternative for living rooms and bedrooms. Generously lit and polished with a glossy finish, the black wall will appear more stylish than any of its neutral counterparts. You can use it even more sparingly and apply it on few of the walls in your bathroom or kitchen.

Black dining table

By refreshing a black wall with creamy, beige, and white furniture, you will further enhance the elegance of your room. You can achieve the same effect by making walls flat black, and then finishing them with sheen graphic patterns. The most engaging way to apply black in the kitchen is to use chalkboard paint, as this is both a stylish and a playful alternative. Chalkboard walls also have a practical aspect and keep households organized, as your children will have a place to check their daily chores and, and you will get a personalized cooking menu and to-do shopping list.
You’re absolutely right to think that black is a risky choice, and that’s exactly why you should apply it with care, and with some testing in advance. A smart thing to do is to take a large poster, paint it black, and then attach it to the wall to see how that looks.

Get inspired

The ideal sources of inspiration are the things you love, be those wallpapers, favorite fabrics, or decorations with sentimental value.

Keep bright accents balanced

The magic of dark walls is that they diminish the visual mismatch between pieces originating from different eras, and keep the place cohesive and elegant. The reason why we’re opting for dark and impactful colors is to transform its looks, enhance its spirit, and reflect our own personality. This is why we usually reroute from neutral palettes, and give the place an energizing vibe alike ours. These are the colors and tips that can help achieve that: Deep red is the perfect wall color from many different aspects: it soothes down the brightness of your surroundings, and makes you feel cozy and completely encompassed by the room. Deep red will also help set off neutral furniture. If interested to use bright, sunshiny yellow, you should select the right accessories and upholstery that will match it. A good guide could be the combinations used on patterned chintz and floral paintings.

black and red with a wall mounted bike

Strong colors are not necessarily stimulating. The adequate mean to achieve stimulation is to use contrasts such as those found in the nature. A good choice would be to furnish a forest-green room with mahogany furniture.
Gradation causes visual changes in the room. Painting the room dark-to-medium will make it look larger than it is, instead of bringing the walls closer to each other as many people believe.

black living room

Black walls are not the only dramatic and bold choice you have available. In order to personalize your space, you can also paint with other colors, and create theatrical and interesting backdrops for your furniture (bookshelves, for instance).
If you find it difficult to decide on the right color, small color chips will not be enough. Instead, you should paint large cardboard sheets and prop those up in your room. This way, you will get the full picture of how your room is going to look like.
black paint

These are the main tips to remember when working with black paint:

  • Matte is a good alternative. Glossier variants showcase imperfections, not only with black but with any other color. In the case of black, nevertheless, the damage is even more noticeable, which is why you should always opt for a matte finish or a modern texture.
  • Ceilings should not be black. The only effect a black ceiling could have is making the room moodier and smaller, or even claustrophobic.
  • Accentuate with lighter colors. You should combine darker accent walls with lighter ones, or at least implement fresher patterns and architectural details to avoid a moody effect. We also recommend chair rails as wall dividers between a black top and a lighter bottom.
  • Use shiny, pale, and clean accessories. In order to provide your black theme with the necessary contrast, use light and metallic accessories.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Both natural and artificial lighting have a central role in black scenarios, and you should plan them in advance.

Thinking about the painting your home
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