An Apartment designed in American style

An apartment designed in American style is characterized by the absence of doors and partitions between the hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room. Zoning can be made by lowering the level of the floor or ceiling. On the other hand, bedrooms, bathroom, guest room and kids’ room are often very private and located in separate part of the home. To create such a design in the home, you need to know some important features of design:
american interior design

  • Visual enlargement of space by dividing it into zones
  • The interior has a relatively small number of accessories. Almost completely absent decorative ornaments in the finish
  • The color scheme in this style is various, but most often its earthy natural colors: from light beige to dark brown and green
  • American style interior involves lighting, which helps to divide the room into zones. The central ceiling light source is installed only in the living room. The rest of the rooms use a combination light with a variety of lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps
  • American style staircase is an integral part of an interior. It can be recognized by its simple construction and the contrasting color of the steps and partitions between them
  • The classic American style in apartment interior design allows a wooden floor, which is painted in light gray or brown. Also, the floor can be covered with laminate with natural wood look. A light-colored woollen rug on the floor can add more cosiness
  • Walls are covered with wallpaper of light shades with a beautiful ornament or painted
  • Furniture is mainly of red wood, with little decoration and decor. Sometimes for greater comfort, it is upholstered with colorful multi-colored fabric.

American style

American style living room
The living room in the American style must be comfortable and cozy. Therefore, it contains a large soft sofa, several chairs (you can woven or leather), coffee tableiR and chest. Fit the picture and plasma model of the TV, which can be removed into a special cabinet. Often, American living rooms have a separate corner for children's games.
American style living room

  • Furniture color is often selected bright, contrasting with calm walls of bed shades. For the living room in this style you can safely use bright Moroccan paints.
  • The living room in American style does not have a characteristic color. Wall are usually finished with wallpaper, supplemented with wooden panels at the bottom of the wall. Since the living room is combined with a kitchen, it is necessary to zone the space with the help of two types of light.
  • A Sofa, a couple of chairs and a coffee table are the central composition of a living room. A rocking chair or a coffee table with wicker elements will look cozy. All the main furniture is in the center, and the walls are bedside tables made of solid wood. There are book and flower shelves. There are also some accessories.
  • Nothing else, except for the beauty of American, cannot be called huge wooden windows In such houses that are often not closed with curtains and open picturesque views. Sometimes roman and Austrian curtains or direct curtains hang on them. A complete stroke in the design of the living room becomes various figurines and vases that Americans are specifically found in grandmother's chests and flea markets, buy in antique shops.These items are interconnected between themselves and give the uniqueness to this style.

American style living room 1

American style kitchen
Modern kitchen design and spacious storage spaces, functional laundry room and convenient closet designs add functionality and elegance to modern home interiors in American style.The kitchen in the style of American classics, if it allows the Method, is necessarily completed with an island. The headset consists of a variety of Tumb and high cabinets.American-style kitchen interior design often involves the division of space with the help of arches, bar counters, partitions and multi-level ceilings, as well as through color contrasts. Facades in most cases are white, less often - light gray or woody color. Recently, dark blue and dark gray cuisines are often found.
American style kitchen
Speaking about the colors that are relevant in the kitchen in this style, a range of neutral tones prevails here. Bright shades are quite rare. White color can be seen on the facades of kitchen cabinets.Designing an interior in this style, it is not necessary to have a big budget. You can simply use artificial materials. If you choose a good imitation, the kitchen will look as luxurious as with expensive materials.Usually, a kitchen set is placed against the wall. But, if space allows, you can place the work area (island) in the center of the room. The dining area usually is separated from the kitchen interior.The kitchen-living room should have a central chandelier, as well as spotlights above the work surface. Accessories such as curtains, flowerpots with flowers, paintings in wooden frames and textile decoration elements are necessary elements.
american style kitchen designs

Bedroom in American style
From the bedroom, this style also requires space and convenience. Maximum comfort and comfort in this room is achieved by the following means.In addition to the high classic bed, other furniture items are installed (bedside tables, various puffs, dressers, chairs and cabinets). On the floor, covered with wooden boards or carpet, stealth fluffy carpet. Near the bed is installed asset, creating soft local lighting. Live flowers in vases are used as decoration.
Bedroom in American style
American bedroom interior design can combine a variety of modern and antique items. The bed is usually of classical forms and traditional style. There are also a couple of nightstands and a dresser. If the room is spacious enough, you can put a spacious closet. As for color, two main tones are usually used. First one, the dark, refers to the furniture. The second primary color is light. It is present in wall decoration, accessories and textiles.
American bedroom interior design

Bathroom design in American style
In the American bathroom you will find ease and comfort, which is capable of only this room. Here design is made with natural materials, and if previously preferred and popular color was pink, but now you can find blue, green or beige color.The most popular material for the floor is tile, less often laminate or hardwood is used. Walls can be painted with textured plaster or lay tile in the form of a mosaic. Such bathroom welcomes simplicity, so the tub itself should be classic white. The cabinet are under the sink. On the wall there is an oval or rectangular mirror.
Bathroom design in American style
Plumbing has no pretentiousness here welcome the simplicity and classic. Nightstand installed under the sink. Necessarily mirror oval or rectangular shape. As for hanging lockers, it is required, often mirror is located on its wings.There may also be present flowers and a mandatory attribute - it folded terry towels, which are very comfortable located on the shelves of the cabinet.Most of the specified meets every second apartment. However, many owners do not even suspect that the work on the design of the room quite a bit, you can achieve stunning bathroom interior in American style.

American kids room
This is the only room in the design where the rule “only calm and natural colors” can be ignored. Divide the room into zones for relaxation, playing and for study. Fill the space with bright colors, hang posters and different vinyl stickers. The bed and furniture should be made of wood, and a soft mat is usually laid on the floor.
American kids room interior

Entry design in American style
The entry area is usually connected with the rest of the room and forms a kind of space that can be called “hallway-kitchen-living room”. For convenience, you can place a hanger near the entrance. But the entry ways (or hallway) in this style has no specific features.
Entry design in American style

American furniture
Furniture in the style of American classics is high, often before the ceiling or close to it. The junction is decorated with a cornice. Furniture facades are predominantly embossed, framework. Often the relief is only imitation of the frame and fillets created by milling. Supplement furniture and glass door with layout. Interior doors are also common in a similar performance.First of all, designers recommend getting spacious and comfortable armchairs, upholstered chairs, and also to choose American-style sofas. In the kitchen, islands will be appropriate, and furniture and refrigerators is built into the walls.
American furniture

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