American style Interior design: embodiment of freedom in your home

Beautiful modern interiors in American style blend traditional decor with comfortable and luxurious feel, offering wonderful, functional and bright homes for families. American Dream homes offer attractive house exterior and interior design in various sizes, turning even small spaces into inviting places with gorgeous rooms.American style in interior design usually implies such features like a large open kitchen-dining-living space, the imitation of high-end furniture pieces using budget materials, smart zoning of space and a plenty of furniture.
American style
These interiors ideally reflect the hospitable character of Manhattan dwellers. The first association that comes to mind about American style, is the living room from the TV series “Friends”. The spacious room, where the main characters spent so much time, served at the same time as a kitchen, a dining room and a place to rest. In such a free space, you can make breakfast, invite guests for dinner, or sit comfortably on a sofa by the TV.

American style apartment design

Little apartment design in american style. American style in the interior: the choice of people free to the Spirit Essentially american classic style - it's nothing but modern classic. The Americans managed to maintain the traditional foundation of their interior. However, the new features corresponding to the spirit of time constantly brought into it. As a result, the classic style has undergone major changes, becoming more democratic, practical, utilitarian. Today, this style is a harmonious symbiosis of classics and modernity.American Classic is a combination of elegance and functionality, decorativeness and comfort. It is equally relevant in the chic mansion, and in a modest cottage, and in a small town apartment. The classic of an American is sympathetic to people of any age and gender. In short, the style is characterized by high versatility, including due to its eclecticity.

American style apartment design

Features In an American classic House
Initially, it is a classic European (in particular English) style brought here by the first colonists. Settlers lived hard, had to overcome many difficulties and obstacles. In such conditions, not to luxury. As a result, the familiar style for Europeans has simplified.
American classic House
In the first half of the 20th century, a significant impact on American design had a triumphantly after the world. The fashion was dictated by Hollywood cinema, demonstrating the glamorous luxury characteristic of Art Deco. As a result, many elements of this style became an integral component of American classics. In the second half of the century, the longing of the village and nature was updated. Fashionable became such styles as country and. Not a large number of Rural motives penetrated into a traditional American style, mixed with classic elements. In recent decades, it was organically fit and novelties modern technology.
American classic House 1
So there was an American classic that we know today. It is a battle of such styles as European Classic, Colonial, Art Deco and Country. American classic in the interior Planning and placement of furniture The classic requires symmetry and compliance with proportions. In American style it is distinctly expressed. If possible, everything is positioned in parallel. Many elements are paired and cut down each other. This applies not only to furnishing and decor, but also the location of architectural components - for example, openings.
American classic House 2
In the main premises there is always a composite center through which the imaginary line passes is the axis of symmetry. Furniture and decorative elements are located along this axis. The composite center of the living room is most often a fireplace. Perhaps unreal as well. In general, the fireplace is the "heart" of American classics, and it is known may be artificial.

American Interiors:
Style Basics American style in the interior is based on the following principles:

Modern interior design in American style uses simple architectural forms and highlights arches, wall-niches and built-in furniture with beautiful fabrics and attractive wall decorations. Trims and baseboards add formal vibe to casual home interiors, blending traditional interior design ideas and neutral colors with contemporary details and modern color accents.

Freedom and space:
in such rooms a lot of light and air. Of course, this style is ideal for huge studios. If your room is not large enough, it is possible to add the desired expanser in two ways: using light tones to design walls and combining space. If there is no place for the hallway, then it should be refused. When entering the house, you will immediately get into the living room, and that, in turn, will smoothly flop into the dining room and the kitchen.The exception is the bedroom, children's and guest room. These rooms are eliminated from the rest so that the personal space of holidaymakers is not broken.
Freedom and space

Zoning space:
It is clear that with this layout of an apartment or at home, at least visually distinguishes individual functional parts. Therefore, the Americans actively use light arches and columns that retain space, but at the same time individual zones are isolated. Partitions are practically not used. Another way to zoning space is lighting. The chandelier in such an interior will be appropriate only in the living room or dining room, and the focus is on modern or antique lamps that create soft scattered light. In the kitchen can be point or small suspended lampsAnd in the rest of the houses at home, give preference to lamps, wallpapers or bench lamps with lamps.
Zoning space

Decor and furniture in this style can combine different era and styles. If you are an avid traveler, then in such an atmosphere, there will be a place for your collection of souvenirs from distant countries. Abundance of technology There are a lot of techniques in the American house, but it is not striking, as it is placed in special niches and cabinets. The ceilings, like the walls in American homes, as a rule, have white, less often creamy and beige coloring. Walls are often decorated with wooden panels or their imitation from MDF.
As for the floor, the carpets in the American style are not appropriate, the best choice here is a parquet, tile or laminate. Curvoline can be used as an exception for the bedroom.

Color palette
Neutral colors dominate here: White, black brown, various nuances beige and gray.The walls are painted in natural colors. A varying intensity create interesting, relaxing and elegant color schemes – from light beige to soft grass green wall paint colors, combined with home furnishings in brown colors, light blue, green and deep red shades. Streamed shades are also typical: Assume, not blue, and gray-blue; Not green, and khaki. If the surface is made with color, then preference is given to complex colors: not purely blue, but greenish-blue or blue-purple
Color palette

The interior can be as if the "blurred" or, on the contradiction, contrasting. The more in the interior from the art-deco, the higher the contrast: for example, light walls are adjacent to dark floors, and dark wall surfaces are mixed with white doors and panels.

Lighting design is created with a combination of wall lights and table lamps, that add coziness and softness to modern interior design in American style and create an atmosphere of comfort and functional luxury.
american Lighting

Surfaces and items are predominantly monophonic. Ornaments are present, but in limited quantity. These are usually carpets, pillows, sometimes the upholstery of furniture and curtains. On the walls, the ornaments and drawings are also found, but rarely and not everywhere

The most common varies geometric ornaments with symmetry and rhythm: zigzags, lattices, stripes, rhombus, polygons, four hundred, etc. Patterned surfaces are usually monochrome. Finish Walls are aligned and painted. Wallpapers - rarity. They are used for emphasis, combination, partial finish.

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