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8 types of Handles & Latches for Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

A Flat-panel kitchen cabinet style is mostly seen in modern and contemporary kitchens. This style springs from the minimalistic design style of the 2000's. The purpose is to let the natural materials speak for themselves. It could be the woodgrain of vineer or laminates or could be the highgloss of acrylic. This style gets its strength from understatment. Subtle handle choices can bring in a style statement making a big impact in these designs. Therefore, as part of Blucap Knowledge series, we have put together some of the major handle styles that can make an impact or a style statement to your kitchen. 

Tubular stainless steel bar pulls
This is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware styles of the past 10+ years. this type handles are seen almost in every type of kitchen and they do make a statement if chosen wisely, in your flat-panel kitchen too. They are at their best when used in maximum length of the cabinet doors. These handles are elegant and classy. Mix and match different finishes with your kitchen finish and colors, and you have a winner!
tubular handles

Flat bar pulls
A lot of modern designers prefer flat and straight lines. Flat bar pulls are most liked by them. They make square edges and linear elements and distinguish themselves among others. These may be small differentiators. However they make a big impact when used appropriately in a modern styled kitchen. 
They work well with Horizontal wood grain, horizontal long drawers and tile backsplashes.
flat bar pull handles

Recessed pulls

Recessed pull handles are also called concealed handles. These handles are great from a utility point of view as these dont come in the way as a projection handle. These are subtly tucked into the cabinet door and are a favorite in industrial/commercial kitchens where usage is higher. They do give a no-nonsense utilitarian feel. 
They work very well with Bypass doors, stained wood doors and metal and glass doors.
recessed pulls handles

C- or J-Channel metal rail pulls
These are an excellent option for those who do not want to have the regular projected handles. These are used for making the modern apparently handleless kitchens. They are very sleek and well rafted into the doors themselves. They are in flush with the door surface and hence they look and feel seemless. They accentuate a linear design. 
They work well with painted or stained wood flat-panel doors, minimalist backsplash elements and waterfall countertops.
C type pull handle

C-Channel integrated metal pulls
C-Channel integrated handles are also known as Gola profiles. These are integrated into the carcuss of the cabinet and not a part of the doors. These create a feel of handleless kitchen and is a favorite among modern kitchen enthusiasts. They create a seamless look in which metal cabinet hardware doesn’t interrupt the wood face of the doors.
They work well with minimalist modern kitchens and beautiful wood veneers.
gola profile

Tab pulls
These are cute handles for minimalist design lovers. They’re discreet but yet functional. They can be done small on all cabinets or longer, running the full length of the cabinet door or drawer. They create a different feel to the kitchen - an out-of-kitchen feel. Whether they're smaller tabs in silver or longer tabs in black, their look completely changes the kitchen. Strong black lines on the tops of all the drawers in this kitchen create a cool vintage-modern contrast.
They work well with wood veneers and high-gloss painted finishes.
tab pulls

Cutout flat bar pulls
Cutoout flat bar pulls are elegant and decorative. They bring in an antique feel to an otherwise modern kitchen. They add a detail which most of the other handles do not. It is classy and stylish.  
They work well with rift-cut travertine and high-gloss finishes.
cutout flatbar

Hidden touch latches

Hidden touch latches or more commonly knowns as push-open, these are not for frequently used kitchens. These are more of style statement. Fingerprints can bother you unless you use a fingerprint proof material for the cabinet door finish. This however can give a very sleek and cool look to your cabinet doors though practically, these may not be the best option for regular use kitchen.

They work well with exotic veneer cabinets for which you don’t want anything to compete with the gorgeous wood, and full-height stone backsplashes that match the countertops for a restrained palette.
push open

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