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7 Interior Design Tips for your Small Office

Starting up a new office comes with lots of responsibility. One of the main tasks is to design the interiors of your workspace. And you can’t just arrange the furniture and choose a colour for your office interiors without thinking about employees’ productivity, your future clients and your brand.

You need to involve in extensive thought process for designing the interiors that actually make your office look like a modern workspace. You can have a sophisticated and up to date office even if you own small space.

Tip #1 Focus on Space Management:

Space management is should be given great importance when you have to create your entire office in a small space. Having all the data and requirements is essential for managing the space effectively. There can also be some challenges due to the small space. For example, if you have 20 employees but, you don’t have much space to place 20 separate workstations. In such a situation, you can contact office workstation manufacturers and get 4-5 big tables designed with proper partitions as per your needs.

Tip #2 Light and Ventilation is incompetent:

More light and ventilation you have, the more spacious and beautiful your office interiors will look. So, never say ‘no’ to light and ventilation options and add as much as you can to make your office attractive. By this, we don’t mean that invest in too many artificial lights. No, this can affect the eyes of your employees. Instead, invest in big windows and glass walls to have as much natural light as possible. This will add a natural touch in your workspace as employees can also look at the outdoor views. Having much ventilation and natural views will also increase the productivity of your employees.

Tip #3 Spend on Furniture:

Employees spend most part of their office hours by sitting on their chairs in front of their screens. It means that furniture is the most important element of the office interiors as it is related to not only the looks but, also the comfort of your employees. Cheap furniture can lead to general discomfort as well as specific health-related issues like pain in the lower back, neck pain, etc. Buy the most comfortable and modern furniture for your office. Don’t compromise for saving some bucks as good furniture can be used for several years. Buy quality workstations from the office workstations manufacturers.

Tip #4 Put up Quirky Elements:

You can’t let your office have that boring look especially when you are investing so much time and energy into its interiors. So, add some quirky elements to have a personal touch and making your office interesting. Keep your office theme in mind while adding these elements. You can decorate your office with quirky lights, stickers, posters, small accessories, and table pieces. These will provide the needed effect in a budget-friendly way. You can purchase these accessories online at affordable prices.

Tip #5 Keep Things in Order:

No matter what design you choose; ensure that every element is placed in an orderly manner. The main problem with small offices is that due to lack of space they look cluttered every time. Unlike the large offices, there aren’t big storerooms to keep the files and other stationery materials. Due to the scarcity of space, there is no room for separate client areas so; clients usually visit the main working area. So, it’s necessary to keep your office organized. To solve the storage issue, use walls to hang shelves where you can keep files and other office accessories. Otherwise, use big colourful cardboard boxes to place extra materials. You can make beautiful patterns with these boxes near any wall or empty space. They will look better than the piles of files lying here and there on the floor.

Tip #6 Create Informal Break-out Spaces:

Usually, employees remain stuck to their workstation from the moment they enter the office till they leave in the night. They only get up for basic needs or for meetings. This practice is very bad as it invokes lethargy which in turn affects the productivity of the employees. To break this practice, you should make break-out spaces where employees can eat, drink and chill for some time in between their working hours. You can create this space even in a small area as its main motive is to make employees get up from their chairs and communicate with others while having a break. This will make your employees more active.

Tip #7 Experiment without Hesitation:

If you want to make your workspace unique then, you should be open to out of the box ideas. Be ready to implement unique ideas and don’t be afraid of a little bit experimenting, be it a new type of furniture, peppy colour scheme or quirky accessories. You can add different style lamps on each workstation or can design your entire office according to a theme like a green lounge theme or any other theme as per your work area. Experimenting is good as long as you firmly believe in the unique idea that you are going to try.

So, follow these tips to convert your small space into a lovely office!


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