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7 Different types of handles

Door Handles
The door handles are the ones which are placed on the doors for opening and closing of the door. There can be various deigns available in the market for these. There are handles which are made with back plate and then there are those which are made on circular or square rose. Both of them provide the doors a classic and elegant look.
door handles

Pull Handles
Pull handles are used on doors where the doors are opened inwards. These are horizontal and vertical. Door handles are mostly vertical and drawer handles are mostly horizontal. Pull Handles used on doors are usually used in offices and workplace as it provides a sophisticated look to the doors. 
pull handles

Window Handles
As the name suggests, these handles are used on windows. Depending on the look and the ease of use there are various types of window handles. The window handles should be able to support the movement of windows inwards and outwards. There are handles that provide security to the windows with locking options. Window handles are available in various designs and in various colors to beautify the windows.
window handles

Cabinet Handles
A cabinet is a cupboard or shelve use to store articles and items at home in kitchens, or almirah’s and various other locations. Cabinet Handles should support the easy movement of the objects mainly drawers where we store items.These handles are available in various styles and designs adding aesthetic appearance to your cabinet.
cabinet handles

Glass Handles
Glass handles are handles that are fitted on glass doors in offices and workplace. These handles are to be made with care and precision as it has to be fitted on glass objects. These provide aesthetic appearance and elegancy  to the doors.
glass handles

Lever Handles
Lever Handles is a type of door handle. This type of handle consists of black plate and key cut hole. The handles are opened by pushing the handle and they can be locked by a key. The lever handles are used mostly in bathrooms as they can be easily locked and unlocked easily.
lever handles

Door knobs
Knobs work as a holder to pull or push the doors and cabinets. Knobs are round shaped lump or balls alike features, unlike handles that are elongated in design and shape; placed at the end of the surface of an object. They transform the house into a beautiful décor, complimenting your kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, knobs can be found in beautifully crafted handmade designs.
knob handles

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