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Color trends for 2021 Color trends for 2021

7 Best Interior Paint Colours 2021





It stimulates the brain, is effective for mental deficiency, and improves mood. The yellow colour in the interior can have a huge variety of shades, from cold lemon to warm honey. Its use depends on the purpose of the premises, their location and the chosen style.

The interior of the northern bedrooms, saturated with golden yellow tones, will always cheer you up. Various shades of yellow can also be introduced into the southern rooms. Lemon or whitened yellow, like butter, will give a room a joyful atmosphere.

If we talk about the stylistic features of the interior, it is the warm shades of yellow – ochre, gold, honey in combination with white that are traditionally used to create interiors of Russian classicism Interiors made in a modern avant-garde style often used a combination of yellow with blue, purple or red. Such intense colour interaction is possible in public interiors

In any interior, the combination of yellow with various shades of grey always looks exquisite. Grey colour complements any other, and warm yellow especially. Only you need to choose the right saturation of grey. Light and light will cheer you up, and dark grey will give yellow more brightness.


Red colour