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5 Tips to Luxury Living Room Interiors

From styling distinct spaces, conceptualizing interior design ideas to designing luxury lifestyles, best interior design company extend a repertoire of customized interior designs, quality craftsmanship and aesthetic design sense to create unique pieces of art.

Adding Gold to your furniture makes it look rich
The furniture structure elements and accessories in the shades of gold which will make it look rich and luxurious. A striking, spacious sofa that provides comfortable seating for three, the modern design delivers luxury and style to any living space. With deep, comfortable cushioning in luxurious, soft gray velvet, contrasting with bright gold metal accents and nailhead trim, a furniture can make a style statement.
Balancing comfort and style, this shapely barrel back loveseat features an elegant bone upholstered seat back and cushion with sloped arms. The carved molding and nail head accented trim in antique gold finish heightens its classical appeal. A pleated skirt and five accent pillows in coordinating colors and patterns add comfort and visual appeal. Adding drama and contrast to spaces by infusing different shapes, textures, patterns and finishes, highs and fabrics with shades Gold accents and design elements that induce the look with class and a sense of luxury.
Luxury Furniture Living Room Sofa

Choosing the right Chandelier
Our living rooms are where we relax, spend time together and recharge. Unlike other parts of our home, which may be designed with a particular purpose in mind, such as the bedroom and the kitchen, our living rooms host a broad range of activities. With this in mind, Luxury Chandelier sets an exquisite range of lighting options for your living room.
From beautiful chandeliers for ambient lighting, adjustable wall sconce lighting for task lighting to designer lamps for accent lighting, we have designs to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for striking centrepieces, or something more understated, there’s something for you. They bring the glamour and beauty of high fashion to your living room. Making use of the finest materials, gorgeous fabrics, brushed brass and nickel, and a variety of finishes, everything in the range is carefully selected for beauty and quality.
By combining a number of different lighting options, you can create a living room that’s the perfect place to relax, socialise, work and play. Whether your home interior style is contemporary, classic, simple, or luxurious, there’s something in our range for you. Our living room lighting range will bring high quality design into your home. A chandelier is a great way to provide not just light to a room, but grandeur. Luxury lighting makes an impression that lesser options just can’t touch. Adding drama, intrigue and that elusive wow-factor, luxury fixtures are conversation pieces, status symbols and modern artwork with a functional purpose.

CrystalChandelier LivingRoom

Feature Wall - Gold touch
A feature wall for your living room will help you to take the plunge into modern luxury living. Whether it’s to help you highlight a period fireplace or to draw attention to a less-obvious aspect of the room, a feature wall can be your sitting room’s saviour. A wall-to-wall bookshelf case, a floor to ceiling dresser, a full-height drinks cabinet – all of these grand furniture pieces can grant a wall the feature status.
Feature walls provide great opportunities to experiment with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. Also called accent walls, they offer a quick and easy way to liven up the space, and depending on what material you choose, they can be very low cost. Feature walls can be high impact, but they do not have to be. Sometimes a subtle pattern can inject just the right amount of interest into a room without overwhelming the space.

Accent wall
The Do's of Feature Walls
Complementary colors are great: Make sure that whatever color or pattern you choose complements the rest of the room. Choosing a bright or bold color can be great, but only if it fits in with the rest of the room. Bold just for the sake of bold is never a good idea.
Accentuate the space: Use an accent wall to define a living space. In an open concept home or in multiple-use spaces it can be tricky to define areas, but an accent wall can help. For instance, a feature wall to highlight the dining area in a combined living/dining space can help greatly.
Update with paint: Opt for paint when you want an easy and inexpensive way to update your space without making a big commitment. There is no limit to the patterns you can create with paint, and it is the easiest material to change should you decide you want to try something different.

The right Accessorizing

If you took the time to choose beautiful accessories & home decor statement pieces don’t hide it! Put it on plain sight and give it the love it deserves, if it’s a utility item use it. If you have more than one statement piece in mind, don't assume you have to choose only one. It's possible to work in more than one item that attracts attention in a room, you just have to put some distance between them. By choosing the right accessories, you can take your living room to the next level. Accessories can add a huge amount of style and functionality, without breaking the bank. If your living room is small, then you may follow a single colour palette and keep it calm and serene with the appropriate use of living room accessories and décor items. Home interior is like an art where you visualise the ultimate image and find products matching to that image.

Centre Table
Center tables perform an essential role in any luxury living room set, not only because of its functionality but also by complementing the furniture design and the whole decor. Full of character, enhanced by sublime room designs created by the best furniture designers in the world, center tables these center tables can be a statement piece.
Modern center tables for the living room is today’s topic! The centre table of your living room should be one of the most important focus of your area. It’s a product that works both as decor but it is also functional since you can place your cup of coffee or your favourite magazines. In order to help you choose one, we have created an assemble of modern centre tables that would look brilliant in your living room.
When it comes to decorating a living room you cannot forget this important element that occupies the most important part of your living area. Or at least the most visible one. And when it comes to choosing a center table, you’ll never be out of options. Since wooden center tables to contemporary coffee tables with glass covers or metallic elements, all the living room furniture choices are on you.

Center table  

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